Fashion for the freezing cold

A chunky scarf and a simple sweater make for a cute fashion duo!

A chunky scarf and a simple sweater make for a cute fashion duo!

Time to say goodbye to the light cardigans and pull out the heavy ones, part ways with those windbreakers and replace them with down winter jackets, and store away those cute cheetah and pull out the heavy boots: Winter. Is. Coming.

As summer wear departs from hangers inside wardrobes, closets and shelves, prepare to rejuvenate those closets with a few winter season must-haves.

First, a chunky scarf is always a great go to accessorize for blustery mornings. Among the hundreds of patterns and designs, they are always available and aren’t too expensive, ranging from $10 to $100. Here are a few stores, from least expensive to most, that offer scarves of every style: Forever21, H&M, Target, LOFT, J. Crew and Banana Republic.

Next, every closet needs a winter pair of boots- and the good news is, it does not have to be Uggs! The brand Sorel offers a range of boots that differ in color, height, width, size and style. Another option is the brand Sperry. They have designed winter boots while keeping the class and style of the typical Sperry boat shoe seen everywhere. Again, they have nearly every kind of pattern, color and design imaginable. If nothing is found on those sites, a quick search on Google will bring up every winter boot ever created. Picking just one may become a challenge, So, shopping addicts, consider this a warning!

Aside from heavy winter boots, there are always cute riding boots that can keep your feet warm and add to your personal style!

Aside from heavy winter boots, there are always cute riding boots that can keep your feet warm and add to your personal style!

Vishana Jaipat ‘18, undecided, shares her rewarding experience finding the perfect winter boot.

“I told myself I would go to the mall and not leave until I found a pair of warm, winter boots that I would wear all winter. I’m such a picky shopper but managed to find a gorgeous pair of Helly Hansen ‘Garibaldi’ brown boots. They have a warm fur at the top, laces to secure my feet in, and a solid rubber sole to withstand the snow, slush and cold I’m sure will come around soon.”

Now onto the layers. Those heavy, warm jackets will need something underneath to provide warmth for when those jackets shed off indoors. There are endless amounts and styles of sweaters at nearly every clothing store . No matter what style, The Wheel is positive everyone can find something that matches their personality across the board.

Lastly, no Minnesotan closet can lack a winter jacket. From North Face, to Michael Kors or Columbia, there are endless opportunities to find the perfect winter jacket. Starting soon, every clothing store around campus will begin to offer every shape and size of warm coats at a range of prices.

Celeste Beattie- Shaefer ’15, Fashion Merchandising, graduated from St. Kate’s and currently works as a Nordstrom’s Sales Associate. She gives insider information on the top winter brands this season.

“North Face, Canada Goose and Nobis are our high-end winter clothing brands that sell every year without fail! Other than that, I know personally popular brands range from Nike to simple ones sold at target! It all depends on your style, taste, and price range,” Beattie-Schaefer said.

It is not easy to pack away those Summer and Fall clothes and welcome the bundle of winter ones, but it does not have to be too bad of a transition. With these tips, the fear of looking like a walking marshmallow will hopefully be comforted with the idea of looking like a cute, walking marshmallow in the coming months. It is time to welcome the cold with positivity and a fresh style!

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