Letter to the editor: The benefits of organic eating

By Claire Thompson

Around three years ago my family began to farm organic products. When they began the process, I knew very little about organic farming and food.

Salad options come in a wide variety of organic options.

Salad choices come in a wide variety of organic options.

Organic, for those that do not know, means something that is made without pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or anything fake.

As my family has continued over the years, I have grown in my knowledge about organic foods. I have learned about the personal health benefits as well as the benefits to communities.

Organic food positively affects our bodies by decreasing the number of chemicals we ingest. Food that is not grown organically still may have residue of toxic chemicals. When ingested, these chemicals cause bodily harm.

Organic food also benefits our bodies by increasing the number of antioxidants our bodies take in. Antioxidants are the protectors of the body. Although, conventionally grown food has antioxidants as well, the results from this study show that antioxidants “have more of an impact when they come from organic foods“. Organic foods additionally help your immune systems and heart health.

Although our own health is important, we need to remember that the food we eat not only affects our bodies but also affects the people and space around us. Eating organic also helps our community and neighbors.

According to The Organic Center, eating organic “improves water quality and the safety of drinking water” while also “maintains healthy soil”.  Chemicals used for conventional farming do not just stay on the food being grown. When chemicals flow into the other parts of our lives, we are no longer sure of the quality of the water we drink, the soil we plant in, and the food we eat.

Eating organic additionally provides a chemical free area for everyone, especially farmers. On a daily basis, farmers are interacting with large amounts of chemicals including pesticides and fertilizers. Choosing to eat organically grown foods will limit the amount that farmers need to interact with these harmful products.

I enjoy eating organically because of all the benefits I have listed and much more. I will continue eating organically and encouraging my friends and family to do the same. I hope this information has compelled you to do the same; for yourself, the people around you, and the common space you share.

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