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The Benefits of Cross-Registering

Since St. Kate’s is part of the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), Katies have the unique opportunity to attend more than one college. ACTC students are able to take classes not only at their home school, but also at the four other ACTC schools. ACTC is made up of five different schools—Macalester, Hamline, St. Thomas, Augsburg, and St. Continue Reading →

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Is St. Kate’s choosing economic advantages over fair wages for adjunct instructors?

In my last article, I laid out some issues with universities hiring adjunct and contingent instructors. You can read the details here. The decision to hire adjunct instructors instead of creating or maintaining tenure-track positions not only affects the welfare of adjunct instructors, but also of students and universities. While hiring adjuncts was once a limited practice to bring in experts or to offer classes that may not be consistently filled, the steep increase in hiring adjuncts seems to be for other reasons. According to universities in the U.S. have increased the percentage of adjuncts at an alarming rate for the financial gains and dispensability. Continue Reading →

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St. Kate’s Male Curfew

Graduating high school and moving on to college is usually seen in western cultures as a sign of growing up. Some young adults move out right away and some take things slow by still living with their parents during their time at college. Regardless, these young adults are considered by society, and by the law if they are 18 years old, as adults. So it can be frustrating for some students at St. Kate’s to have to follow a curfew set for their male relatives, friends or significant others. Continue Reading →

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Behind the racket: Interview with national and international champion tennis player and alumna Jeanne Arth

Jeanne Arth, St. Kate’s alumna ’56, reminisces about her experience in playing the game of tennis, reflects on how it has altered into a money-centered entity and states her reasons for pursuing a career in education instead of continuing to play. She also touches on what St. Kate’s was like in her day, and what she may or may not have done differently if she was in school now. Why tennis? Continue Reading →

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Hating Hillary: How Attacks on Hillary Clinton Have Crossed the Line

It’s not a surprise to people that politicians tend to get attacked on social media these days. This is how campaigns seem to run in 2016. It is all too easy to see what someone’s political opinion is by going on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And because politics are always a controversial topic, it is not a surprise that politicians get attacked via the Internet. In the current presidential race, I have personally noticed a disturbing trend: attacks on Hillary Clinton seeming to be more than uncalled for. Continue Reading →

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Where the 2016 presidential candidates stand on women’s issues


Today, women make up a small minority of elected government officials, both locally and nationally. Thus, when it comes to lawmakers making decisions regarding women’s issues, including equal pay and reproductive rights, it is ultimately men who are making the decisions. The 2016 presidential election is more crucial than ever, and although there are very pressing issues that demand attention, women’s issues need to be discussed and treated with just as much importance. Here is where the remaining leading candidates stand regarding women’s issues. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (2009-2013), New York Senator (2001-2009), First Lady of the United States (1993-2001)

Clinton faced sexism throughout her life, before and when she was the First Lady, a Senator and in her role as Secretary of State. Continue Reading →

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To Veggie or Not to Veggie?

“I’d totally be vegetarian, but I like hamburgers too much.”

How often have you heard someone say something like the sentence above?  I know that I’ve said it in the past and that I’m not alone. Being vegetarian means that meat or animal protein is not included in your diet.  Being vegan is the same thing, but takes things a step further and does not include animal by-products such as eggs, cow’s milk and even honey.  But why should we consider a vegetarian or a vegan diet for ourselves? Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: Habits and Hijabs

It was standing room only at the “Habits and Hijabs” panel in the Center for Women of Coeur de Catherine at St. Kate’s on March 10. The panel was sponsored by the Dismantling Racism Working Group of the Justice Commission of the CSJs, St. Kate’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), and the Multicultural and International Program Services (MIPS) Office. Three Sisters of St. Continue Reading →

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Decoding the feud between Apple and the FBI

By Colin Gulling

The tech giant Apple and the Federal Government of the United States are entangled in a complicated legal battle that made its way to the Supreme Court. This is no simple case, and emotions are running high on both sides of the argument. This legal entanglement arose from the ashes of the recent San Bernardino Terrorist shooting, in which the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) could not access an iPhone belonging to one of the deceased attackers, Sayed Farook, through traditional methods. The FBI prioritizes safety and defense for the people. They are asking Apple to create an encryption that breaks through iPhone security systems, allowing access to vital information. Continue Reading →

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St. Kate’s and emotional support animals

Every student with a pet at home wishes they could bring their pet  to college. However, St. Kate’s housing allows only fish in residential halls dorms. Much to the relief of these animal lovers, some exceptions are made. For Jade Rundquist, ASL Interpreting ‘18, having an animal on campus is more than just having a pet live with them. Rundquist’s dog Lola is a therapy animal, who helps Rundquist with anxiety and  insomnia. Continue Reading →

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