St. Kate’s Male Curfew

Graduating high school and moving on to college is usually seen in western cultures as a sign of growing up. Some young adults move out right away and some take things slow by still living with their parents during their time at college. Regardless, these young adults are considered by society, and by the law if they are 18 years old, as adults. So it can be frustrating for some students at St. Kate’s to have to follow a curfew set for their male relatives, friends or significant others. The majority of students who talked to me about the curfew policy felt as if the school was treating them as children, or as if they were horny teenagers stuck in high school.

The male curfew is in affect from two A.M. to eight A.M. in all but two residence halls, Alberta and Georgia being the exceptions. This is due to the fact that married couples can reside in Alberta and Georgia as long as one person is a student at St. Kate’s.

The male policy is in place for many different reasons, the most obvious being that this is an all-women Catholic university, emphasis on Catholic. St. Kate’s follows the Church’s stance on contraceptives, sex before marriage and the pro-life ideology. The Health and Wellness Center, for example, does not hand out condoms, prescribe the birth control pill or have any Plan B pills on hand.

Another reason for the curfew is to make sure every student feels comfortable at St. Kate’s. If a student doesn’t feel comfortable with her roommate bringing a guy over and isn’t sure how to address their roommate on the matter, the male curfew helps the student from having to be confrontational. However, since this is college and students are arguing that they are legal adults and should be allowed to have their male guests over whenever, part of being an adult is having to confront people about certain issues you might not be comfortable with.

The male curfew is also in place for security reasons. Typically in student dorms such as Caecilian or St. Mary’s the male bathrooms are either on the first floor or in the basement. This means a male guest could use the bathroom as an excuse to go snooping around the dorms. However, since the guest policy is that guests must be escorted at all times, some students scoff at this suggestion. One student did, however, point out that since the majority of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows, this could be the actual security reason for the male curfew.

Students who want the male curfew lifted have a variety of reasons. Some would like their brothers or male relatives over the age of twelve to spend the night, especially if their relative is coming from out of town. Others aren’t in a particular rush to kick their male friends out before two A.M. Of course there are also students who would like their boyfriend to spend the night as well, pointing out that those who have a significant other that is a female do not have to follow the male curfew policy.

The male curfew does seem outdated, though when one looks at St. Thomas’ curfews for the opposite sex, it does seem a bit more relaxed. Still, it would be nice for St. Kate’s to acknowledge that their curfew is unfair, outdated, and disliked by the overwhelming majority of St. Kate’s students.

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