St. Kate’s tabletop gaming club: The club with cards, games, logic, and fun

When students are touring St. Kate’s, tour guides will often point out that St. Kate’s has a wide variety of clubs and organizations for student to participate in. The SCA website promotes that, “If you are unable to find an organization on campus that matches your interests, Student Center and Activities is happy to help you start your own organization”. Students have been able to receive chartering for clubs such as the Tabletop Gaming Club. One of the leaders of the club, Claire Frederick, ’17 a Music Theater Major, gives the down low on what the gaming club is and why you should join, especially around a stressful time of the year.

What does a typical meeting look like?

Claire Frederick: “Our typical meeting looks like us getting together and picking different games to play. The club meets in the dining hall every Friday. Normally it’s near the Pulse entrance, but it changes week to week.”

How did the idea of this club come about?

CF: “The club was founded in 2013 because a couple of people were getting together every Friday to play games and they thought that they should open it up to everyone at St. Kate’s. They also found out that the tech director for the theatre side of the Music and Theater Department, Troy Wilhelmson, was also into gaming so they set up this club with him as our advisor.”

What sort of games do you play?

CF: “We play a variety of games which appeal to different people. We play logic games, fun and silly games, fantasy games, etc. We’ve played some campaigns, some space missions, some apocalyptic; there was one we played that was actually written by Troy, so it really varies. We also play Betrayal at House on the Hill, Tsuro, Sushi Go, Pandemic (just to name a few.) We try to have monthly RPG nights, and Troy helps us pick those games out.”

Is it necessary to know how to play these games before-hand?

CF: “No, it is not necessary to know how to play any of the games. In fact, learning is half the fun. Our president, Cassi, will walk us through the game or we’ll all stumble through together.

Why should someone join the club?

CF: “It’s a lot of fun, an easy way to distress, and it’s great to hang out with cool, kind, accepting people every Friday.”

For more information on St. Kate’s Tabletop Gaming Club, contact Claire at

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