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Oh the places you’ll go: The Wheel says goodbye to senior staffer

Senior Wheel journalist Elizabeth Rodewald ’16, an International Relations and Spanish double major, has big plans for after graduation. In August, she will be leaving for Zhuhai, China to teach at United International College for a year. While in China, Rodewald will perform facilitative duties, help students with homework and English, assist with events such as student debates and guest lectures and help faculty with class preparation and research. “It is most definitely comforting knowing that I have plans after graduation and I am very excited for the upcoming year of my life half way across the globe,” Rodewald said. Being a world learner, she hopes to reach a level of proficiency in Mandarin, the official language of China. Continue Reading →

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The hidden (and not so hidden) study spaces around St. Kate’s campus

The last finals week of the 2015-2016 academic year is quickly approaching, which means it is time to crack down on those projects and papers. Maybe you prefer to study in your bedroom or dorm room, but sometimes it can be re-energizing to get out of your own space and find a quiet spot on campus to get yourself motivated. Here are some spots around campus you might consider: outside, in Fontbonne Hall, or in the Coeur de Catherine. Outside
Pros: Solitary; natural light
Cons: No outlets or tables; weather-permitted. Fontbonne Hall, Third Floor
Pros: Quiet; many chairs and tables
Con: Because it is the third floor, it’s a little bit of a climb. Continue Reading →

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Community gardens benefit St. Kate’s

Pope Francis recently stated in his encyclical, Laudato Si’, “We were not meant to be inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.” He called for mankind to become one with nature again. In our industrialized society, we are used to literally encasing ourselves in cement, gravel, and stone. The more modern our society has become, the more we have distanced ourselves from nature. Many people within the fields of biology and ecology believe that the environment has intrinsic worth that deserves to be appreciated. You know that the earth has intrinsic worth if you’ve ever taken a moment in your life to just appreciate the natural world that you are witnessing. Continue Reading →

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