The hidden (and not so hidden) study spaces around St. Kate’s campus

The last finals week of the 2015-2016 academic year is quickly approaching, which means it is time to crack down on those projects and papers. Maybe you prefer to study in your bedroom or dorm room, but sometimes it can be re-energizing to get out of your own space and find a quiet spot on campus to get yourself motivated. Here are some spots around campus you might consider: outside, in Fontbonne Hall, or in the Coeur de Catherine.

Pros: Solitary; natural light
Cons: No outlets or tables; weather-permitted.

Fontbonne Hall, Third Floor
Pros: Quiet; many chairs and tables
Con: Because it is the third floor, it’s a little bit of a climb.

Coeur de Catherine
Pros: Comfortable; quiet depending on your location; many outlets; the library
Cons: Some spots are noisy; not very solitary.

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