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An exclusive interview with the new president of St. Catherine University, ReBecca “Becky” Roloff

The 11th President of St. Kate’s talks about indirect paths through college, her journey to success, the value of a women’s college and the importance of health and wellness, understanding institutional racism, and her golden retriever Teddy. Becky’s accomplishments are abundant, her joy is contagious and her way of living is nothing short of inspirational. Prepare to be amazed and feel lucky to have such an incredible leader leading our community! Libbie Mitchell: “How is it going so far?”

Becky Roloff: “How do you think it’s going? Continue Reading →

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Psychologists can guess who you’re voting for

Election Day is creeping closer and closer.  Every election year, we feel tensions rise.  Once again, it’s Democrats against Republicans and we can’t seem to find common ground with each other, even with people we love and care about.  Why is that? There has been an increasing amount of research done on political behaviors around the world to help explain why someone might vote for one political party instead of another. Continue Reading →

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