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Matriarchal societies in the world

The mission of St. Kate’s is clear. To “educate [strong women] to lead and influence” (Mission and Vision). I personally came to this university to be exposed to powerful, educated women; I wanted to learn a new definition of feminine that allowed me to be assertive. That is exactly what I have gotten since I’ve been here, and I am extremely glad to be a Katie. Continue Reading →

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MIPS 12th annual fall retreat focuses on identity, personality and culture

The Multicultural & International Program and Services (MIPS) runs an annual fall retreat, particularly aimed for students of color to create a safe space to discuss pertinent issues and topics such as identity, personality, and culture. Through organized activities and honest dialogue, the retreat aims to increase awareness of both our individual selves and others whilst encouraging us all to be allies for one another. It was certainly both an emotional and exhilarating experience for the thirty-plus group of students that made their way to Camp Friendship in Annandale on Friday, the 14th of October. Once there, the combination of crisp air, autumn leaves, and adorably named wooden cabins (Irish Rose, Nightingale, and Blue Bird) only added to what was going to be an unforgettable weekend. Now officially and affectionately christened ‘KPR’ by the attendees of the retreat, the fantastic trio of Kim Munoz, Pa Lor, and Roslyn Udairam ensured that those present were comfortable to share and open up their hearts without fear of judgment. Continue Reading →

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Catherine G. Murphy Gallery fall exhibits: Between Rivers and The Absence of Water


On September 17th, St. Kate’s opened their new exhibits in the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery. Right now the two exhibits going on are Between Rivers and The Absence of Water. According to Gao Yer Lee, a sophomore at St. Kate’s and an employee of the gallery, “We have paintings and also sculptures and sometimes they even have video art.” Lee also said that anyone can put on an art exhibit in the St. Continue Reading →

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Best fall hikes for Katies according to Katies

American culture is arguably centered around food. Want to spend time with friends? You’ll probably end up at a café or restaurant. A great alternative is hiking! Courses range from easy to full-body engagement as you climb up the sides of cliffs and jump over fallen trees and boulders. Continue Reading →

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Meet the new Wheel advisor, part II

On top of all the writing, Jill Jepson is also a world traveler. In her 20s, she backpacked around the world for four years through Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. She has lived in Japan, China and India, and has been all over Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Central America. Read on to find out about her adventures in detail! Libbie Mitchell: “What drew you to traveling? Continue Reading →

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College students cope with anxiety

The start of a new college year never fails to bring on new challenges.  Maybe you’re taking on upper level courses, adding an internship to your schedule, or juggling other commitments.  If this is your first year of college, home might be hours away, and you’re trying to live on your own for the first time.  All of these things have different types of stress attached to them and anxiety can be a common response to these things.  But what happens when these feelings of excessive worry and nervous energy don’t stop after you turn in that final paper of the semester? Continue Reading →

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International student spotlight: An interview with Dalaphet Sengsoulivong

Studying abroad is considered to be a brave thing. You’re away from your family, friends and everything that is remotely familiar. However, for 21-year-old Laos native Dalaphet Sengsoulivong, it’s nothing short of a dream to be in a country of opportunities. Britanny Aranha: It’s great having you be part of the St. Kate’s community, even if it’s just for a semester. Continue Reading →

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Meet the New Wheel Advisor, Jill Jespon-Part I

Jill Jepson, a writer of non-fiction and fiction, an anthropological linguist, blogger, and editor has been teaching at St. Kate’s since 2001. Her dedication to her linguistic research, her passion for writing, and perseverance to become a better writer each day makes her an excellent advisor for The Wheel staff. Libbie Mitchell: “Let’s just start off with a pretty basic question. What got you interested in teaching?”

Jill Jepson: “Well, you know, when I was in college, I really was eager to have a career in something I was really passionate about. Continue Reading →

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Katies discuss their impressions of the first presidential debate

On Tuesday, September 27, a large group of St. Kate’s students filled The Pulse to watch the first presidential debate of the election cycle. Students beforehand were unsure about how the the debate would play out. “I expect that he [Donald Trump] won’t talk policy,” said Vina Onvyango-Robasha, a Chemistry major, ’18. An hour before the start of the debate, Campus Ministry had two panelists talk to the audience about immigration and how it has affected their lives as both panelist were children of immigrants. Continue Reading →

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How St. Kate’s can adopt Macalester’s zero waste program

Macalester College pledged to go Zero Waste by 2020 back in 2008 and looking at their progress so far it looks like they will make it. At Macalester, the college is trying to make sure that all their waste is handled correctly. Whether it is trash, compost, recycling or leftover food, all materials are handled without being wasted. But Macalester doesn’t stop there. The college makes sure to team up with clean waste haulers to make sure their trash is being sent to the right places. Continue Reading →

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