Election night at The Pulse and the shocking outcome

Entering The Pulse, there was an obvious excitement circling the room. It was packed with students sitting in groups and talking amongst their friends. The TV’s were turned onto the election and how the polls looked so far. It was apparent from the students and the reporters on TV that most people were confident in Hillary Clinton’s ability to win.

The event held by SEEK lasted from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Because of that, the winning candidate wouldn’t be announced until long after the party was over. So, I decided to survey the room and ask a few students who they thought would win, regardless of who they wanted to win. The answers were astoundingly in Clinton’s favor; 5/5 saying they were sure she was going to win.

The Pulse hosted an election night viewing party on Nov. 8.

The Pulse hosted an election night viewing party on Nov. 8.

So what happened? If all the TV reporters and voters were confident she would win, why didn’t she? Months before election day Helmut Norpoth, a political science professor at Stonybrook University was reported saying, “there was an 87% certainty that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton and a 99% certainty that Trump would defeat Bernie Sanders if he was the Democratic candidate”. Norpoth also said “after 8 years of a Democratic president(Obama) the odds of voters swinging to a Republican candidate is extremely high.”

The way I see it, people wanted a real change. I agree with Norpoth when he says that after 8 years people wanted someone republican. With all the Donald Trump bashing, I think people were afraid to admit who they were voting for. Because of that, polls were skewed and the Democratic voters were sure that they would win.


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