More students should stay on campus during weekends

Campus life is an important aspect of the college experience. Sharing a bathroom with over fifty other women, eating cafeteria food whilst panicking and wondering if your meal points are going to run out, and being dragged out of bed at an unholy hour for a fire alarm is just a snapshot into your life as a college student here at St. Kate’s.

After the week is done and most of your assignments have been handed in, it’s time to unwind and offer yourself some respite from the world of academia, if possible. Several options are available but the majority of the student body chooses to leave campus in favor of their homes. Rachel Bortnik, English major ’20, prefers going home for sentimental reasons. “My first thought is I miss my cat, but I mostly go home because I also miss my family. Sometimes I stay here if there are things I have to do on campus, but other than that, I go home.”

According to the St. Kate’s website, over 87.8% undergraduate students come from the state of Minnesota which means a significant proportion of this percentage have homes not too far away, making getting a home-cooked meal or being surrounded by loved ones rather convenient. The major downside of having such large numbers leave St. Kate’s on the weekends means the remaining students are left with an eerily quiet campus that lacks the life and vibrancy only Katies can provide. For a handful of students, going home on the weekends is not an option, especially when you’re from a different state, country or even a whole other continent such as myself.

The beautiful St. Kate's campus is nearly empty on a weekend.

The beautiful St. Kate’s campus is nearly empty on a weekend.

An anonymous exchange student says, “During my first week here, I remember stepping outside on a Friday night and the campus was literally empty! I am disappointed because I don’t get along well with anyone in my dorm. I started to cry because I felt depressingly lonely. I didn’t come here just for Netflix and pizza on weekends.” Whilst SEEK (Social Events and Experiences for Katies) does offer activities like movie nights, musical performances and trips to the zoo, having more students staying on campus would allow more activities be planned and liven the environment on weekends.

However, not everyone has an issue for staying in on weekends. For some, it offers a perfect opportunity to complete work in a peaceful atmosphere and to do laundry without fear someone will steal their socks. “I feel like staying on campus during the weekends gives me a greater sense of autonomy and independence (a.k.a adulting)” says Alma Silver, Journalism major ’20. “As much as I love my family,” she said, “I prefer to set my own schedule and have the quiet atmosphere of campus in which to study and relax. Staying on campus has often given me a unique opportunity to network with my peers who don’t live in the Midwestern area.”

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