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The 12 days of an active Christmas

“On the first day of Christmas, it was frigid and cold.” In the past week, Mother Nature has been reminding us what winter is supposed to really feel like in Minnesota. And with the cold weather and Holiday sweets, it’s hard to be motivated to stay active and continue to eat well. “Based on studies, the majority of people tend to gain additional weight during the holiday season that starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends with the New Year celebrations, ” says Craig Wilson in his article, “Ways to Stay in Shape During Winter.”

How does one stay healthy and physically active in late-December to early February, especially if you don’t have access/money for the gym and have no desire to go outside? Below are the “12 Days of An Active Christmas,” some tips for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle in the dead of winter and the midst of the Holidays. On the first day of an active Christmas: Change your mindset

“I think sometimes people misinterpret working out as wanting to look a certain way physically, or something along those lines,” says Cami Paulson, Head Cross Country Coach and faculty member at SCU. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: St. Kate’s should reconsider the Flex Points Policy

Dear Editor,

St. Catherine University has been educating and preparing women for more than a century. One way the school helps students prepare for the real world is budgeting. College is expensive and many students do not have much discretionary income. Students need to juggle large tuition payments, book fees, and lab fees. Continue Reading →

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The countdown to Winter Commencement

On Dec. 6, December 2016 graduates gathered for rehearsal at O’Shaughnessy auditorium in preparation for their commencement ceremony on Dec. 21. With graduation looming so near, there was already a distinct air of excitement attached to everyone as they entered their names for door prizes and picked up their tickets for family members. The schedule for Dec. Continue Reading →

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The scoop on Lambda Sigma Tau

Lambda Sigma Tau (LST) has made some changes to their constitution to become a more accurate representation of what they, as a group find most important. Emilia Grinsell nursing major ’18, the Publicity Chair for Lambda Sigma Tau describes the changes to the sorority as more positive for the group as a whole. A new member of the Lambda Sigma Tau, Tatyana Beck nursing major ’20, is strongly in favor of the changes. “After hearing what happened in the past, I’m really glad they worked really hard so no one has to go experience any uncomfortable situation and the process brings us all together,” said Beck. The changes include the focus of the sorority. Continue Reading →

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Getting to know the St. Kate’s hockey team from goalie Kristen Pechacek

What makes a team great? According to Kristen Pechacek, psychology and neuroscience ’18, it is working with your teammates and being great together. Pechacek is a crucial part of the hockey team at St. Kate’s and has been publicly recognized for her talent as a goalie on the team. During her sophomore season, Pechacek won first team All-MIAC and second team All-American honors. Continue Reading →

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14th annual Charity Ball promises exciting new activities

On December 16  SEEK will host the 14th annual Charity Ball in the third-floor Ballroom from 7-10 p.m. It is a semi-formal event meant to raise money for the organization ‘Sarah’s..: an Oasis for Women’. They offer housing, job training, and language classes to women seeking refuge from violence, abuse, torture, war, discrimination, and trauma. “The house basically is a safety-zone for them that allows them to [find] job opportunities, have access to [transportation], learn how to [excel in interviews], to learn English if they don’t already know it.. It’s just a very safe space… That’s what Sarah’s is,” said Brandi Winsor, Electronic and Media Studies major ‘17. Continue Reading →

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AMP team decides “It’s On Us” to address sexual assault on college campuses

With sexual assault so prevalent on college campuses across the country, in 2014 President Obama began It’s On Us, an initiative to increase college communities’ awareness and prevention of sexual assault. This fall Brigette Marty, Associate Director of Student Center and Activities (SCA), and junior Mary Beth Becker have partnered to create an It’s On Us campaign at St. Kate’s. Last year, Becker approached Marty with the idea and the two applied for funding from St. Kate’s Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP) to support the project. So far Marty and Becker have had a very positive experience working together, although they both find it challenging that they have to do this work at all. Continue Reading →

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