The scoop on Lambda Sigma Tau

Lambda Sigma Tau (LST) has made some changes to their constitution to become a more accurate representation of what they, as a group find most important. Emilia Grinsell nursing major ’18, the Publicity Chair for Lambda Sigma Tau describes the changes to the sorority as more positive for the group as a whole. A new member of the Lambda Sigma Tau, Tatyana Beck nursing major ’20, is strongly in favor of the changes.

“After hearing what happened in the past, I’m really glad they worked really hard so no one has to go experience any uncomfortable situation and the process brings us all together,” said Beck.

The changes include the focus of the sorority. Previously this sorority completed work around social and community service. This has been altered to what those in the sorority see as a better reflection to what the group places emphasis on.

Sisters volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

Sisters volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

Now, they primarily focus on sisterhood and service. This, according to members, brings the group closer together, and fits perfectly with Lambda Sigma Tau’s ethics and drive, service in the community and formation of permanent bonds. The sorority’s bonds are not only for the time students attend St. Kate’s, but also extend to the future professional lives of members. They also changed the language in the constitution to be more inclusive of people of all identities. One example of this change is the name of the students who are joining the sorority are no longer called ‘pledges’ but rather, Potential New Members (PNMs). Many Greek organizations are also making this change.

All the PNM's gathered in front of the chapel.

All the PNM’s gathered in front of the chapel.

The group has also made adjustments to align more with what the University stands for and has created an initiation process that is standardized and repeated yearly. This is their first year with a standardized initiation process and they plan to adjust anything that needs tweaking for next year.

All the sisters at the Sister's Retreat.

All the sisters at the Sister’s Retreat.

Members of Lambda Sigma Tau talk about the inclusiveness this sorority. Everyone is welcome and their aim is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the students of St. Kate’s. These changes were created to make these ambitions come true. Hazing is no longer allowed for new members, and this gets rid of a lot of the stress and the distance between sisters which is created through hazing. The sisters go on and on about the loving and wonderful friendships and girls they have grown close to through this process as well as the changes in the initiation and the constitution of Lambda Sigma Tau. So far, it seems this new constitution seems to be working heavily in the favor of the sisters to better reflect what the goals are for this sorority.

Grinsell says, “We just initiated 33 new sisters on November 19th!”

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