Beyond the little that is portrayed to us by the media, how much do you really know about the life of religious Sisters?

Many people today have very little exposure to Sisters.  I know my experience up until my early twenties was limited.  I did, however, have a little contact through my mother, who had two Benedictine Sisters as aunts and who worked as a nurse at Little Sisters of the Poor in St. Paul.  Attending St. Kate’s for college, I also had a bit of contact with Sisters who were around campus.

It was actually during my college years that I discerned the gift of my own vocation to religious life.  At that time, I had a limited appreciation and knowledge of what it meant to be a Sister.  This knowledge and appreciation grew with time as I learned more about the life, especially during my formation once I entered my community of Franciscan Sisters in Hankinson, North Dakota.

This life is such a beautiful gift and is so needed today, as much or more than ever.  It seems to me unfortunate that more young women today do not give a thought to becoming a Sister, do not open their hearts to a possible call from God to belong to Him in a special way.

With all this in mind, after a discussion with our superior in Hankinson, I undertook the project of starting a blog for our religious community in North Dakota.  [We are officially Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen (Germany).]

Through this blog, I hope to raise awareness among people about the life and vocation of Sisters.  It is also a way of fostering our connection with people who are already acquainted with our community and enabling others to get to know about us and our life.

The blog is entitled: Our Franciscan Fiat.  “Fiat” is the Latin word for “Let it be,” which is used to refer to Mary’s response, her “yes” to the Angel Gabriel at the Annunciation.   We are called to echo this loving, obedient “yes” to God every day of our lives.

In my semi-weekly blog, I strive to share some of what it means, on a day to day basis, to be a Franciscan Sister in our community.

This blog touches on various aspects of life, the rewards and the challenges.  It is not a sophisticated theological treatise but offers simple reflections and thoughts drawn from everyday life as a Sister serving God’s people in 2017.

You are welcome to stop by and check it out my blog, which has been running for two years:

Written by Sister Christina Neumann, OSF ’03, written communications major.