St. Kate’s students offer advice on where to hang out off campus

On such a small campus, it’s not surprising that Katies need to get away every now and again. St. Kate’s students have an advantage; with the Twin Cities at their fingertips, it’s hard to decide where to begin their off-campus adventures. I sat down with Sylvia Vandenberg-Daves, ’18, who is an English and Women’s Studies major, and Shelby Batterson, ’18, who is a Political Science major, to see what they like to do in their free time.

Vandenberg-Daves became well-acquainted with the public transportation system in the Twin Cities after a semester of three classes, two of which being the 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. classes. She said she spent her second semester “taking the time to figure out the city and where everything was” and would recommend the same for her classmates. “I think people should go off-campus more often than a lot of people do because it’s so easy to get in our little bubble,” she says.

Batterson echoes these ideas, saying that “public transportation is easy, especially if you figure out the light rail system. Buses can be a little more tricky because you have to plan some time, but if you go with friends you can make it fun.”

I asked them their recommendations for getting out of the “bubble” (a college campus full of people you see on a day-to-day basis). Vandenberg-Daves mentions that some of her favorite off-campus time is spent outside. “I love Minnehaha Park,” Vandenberg-Daves says. “[Minnehaha Falls] are pretty at all different times because in the spring there’s still ice on the falls and then it’s melting.” She also enjoys her alone time by going for walks down Selby Avenue and Juliet Avenue to look at the houses.

Batterson says the History Museum is a good way to spend a free afternoon. “It’s really cool and it has the Tornado House,” she says, referencing an exhibit at the museum which simulates a tornado. She also suggests keeping an eye out for fun events at the Mall of America or checking out Midtown Global Market on Lake Street. When asked her favorite places to go off-campus, her immediate response was Espresso Royale, located on Randolph Avenue.


Espresso Royale on Randolph Ave., Batterson’s favorite coffee shop right by St. Kate’s.

For those who are most interested in going out for food, Vandenberg-Daves highly recommends India House on Grand Avenue. Batterson praises the Nook for its bowling and food, Carbone’s on Randolph Avenue, and Black Coffee and Waffle Bar on Marshall Avenue. If all you need is a good cup of coffee, Batterson suggests Diamonds Coffee Shoppe in Northeast Minneapolis and Vandenberg-Daves recommends Sencha Tea Bar on Grand Avenue.

Just within walking 15 minutes from campus, St. Kate’s students can be exposed to several options for something new; be it the exciting independent bookstores or the local coffee shops, all of which are worth giving a shot.

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