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Queer Prom Promises to be an Out of this World Evening

On March 31 PRIDE will hold its second annual Queer Prom in the third-floor Ballroom of the Coeur de Catherine from 8-11 p.m. It is a semi-formal event open to St. Kate’s students and other college-aged individuals. This year’s theme is “love is universal.” This intergalactic theme was a unanimous choice made by PRIDE club members. This dance is open to all genders and sexualities. Jane Edwards-Simpson, psychology ’18 and PRIDE Treasurer, said, “PRIDE started Queer Prom as part of bringing a presence back to campus, since it had become fairly inactive in previous years. Continue Reading →

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How to go green, in a dorm, on a budget

Spring is hopefully on its way any day now. Winter is well known for bringing on the blues for just about anybody and many Minnesotans are more than ready for warmer weather and brighter skies. As the weather warmed up in the middle of February, we all enjoyed it thoroughly, however, for most, it’s fair to say there was a bit of concern as climate change showed itself during those warm days. Helping the environment and going the route of eco-friendly is never a bad choice. While it may not be the most convenient to have a compost bin in your dorm room there are tons of other ways you can help the environment, your budget, and your overall health. Continue Reading →

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One step closer to campus garden-Food Justice Coalition makes plans to plant beds in April

An on-campus garden is still in the works by the Food Justice Coalition at St. Kate’s. The garden is close to being planted, with the plan being to have beds in the ground for Earth Week. Currently, the Food Justice Coalition is in the process of obtaining the funding for the project and discussing with faculty about their opinions on the garden. Hannah Jeries, Communications Studies major, ’17, is the Co-President of the club. Continue Reading →

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Stanton and Crandall: Gone for Good?

If you live on campus, you might have heard a rumor that Stanton and Crandall are to be demolished in the nearby future. The news may bring a variety of feelings, depending on the person. The two first-year residence halls, named after women’s rights activists Prudence Crandall and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, were constructed in 1968 as temporary housing,  yet they are still standing almost fifty years later.  Though the facilities in these buildings may not be as recent as the ones in Rauenhorst, for example, many students feel a connection to these Residence halls, especially Crandall hall. Crandall is the Global Perspectives dorm, where approximately 50 first years live together and learn about various cultures around the world. Continue Reading →

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Can St. Kate’s do more to protect immigrant students?

On Feb. 2, 2017, students and staff gathered in the Center for Women to stand in solidarity with Muslim students. Becky Roloff, President of St. Kate’s, was also present. She spoke out in support of all students, however, stated, “I cannot make a political statement.” The gathering was a direct show of unity amidst President Trump’s first executive order, temporarily banning refugees from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the United States. Continue Reading →

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Women’s Day: Annie Griffiths Speaks to Women of the Future

Due to recent events in politics, this year’s International Women’s Day came well-anticipated. Many people participated in supporting women-owned businesses specifically this March 8, while some went as far as to participate in the “A Day Without Women” protest in which students and employees refused to attend their places of work and education. St. Kate’s a school mostly for (and run by) women, celebrated such a day by inviting Annie Griffiths, a successful and influential photographer, to speak at the relevantly named Jean d’Arc auditorium. One of the first woman photographers for National Geographic Magazine, Griffiths has made the support and recognition of women around the world her focus since day one of her career. Continue Reading →

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The Wildcat golf team

Last semester, our Wildcat golf team captured the attention of our campus and the other St.Paul colleges when they won the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). However, that is not their only accomplishment in the six short years they have been at St. Kate’s. According to our St. Kate’s athletic page, the golf team has won three tournaments and set over 15 school records. Continue Reading →

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She Pab film festival shares stories and superstitions of Hmong culture

She Pab: Voices of Hmong Women hosted their second film festival on Friday, March 10 to a crowd twice the size as the previous year. This year’s themes were folk tales and superstitions, and the films explored the prevalent stories told within Hmong culture. The event was held in the JDA and featured ten short films that explored many superstitions prevalent in Hmong legends. She Pab meets bi-monthly and serves as a gathering place of support for Hmong women. “Their mission is to increase awareness of Hmong culture and work with the Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity program to promote awareness of the Hmong minor,” stated Pa Lor, the advisor for She Pab. Continue Reading →

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Understanding immigration and politics through the lens of an English major

The amount of talk recently about immigration in the United States has had one recurring thought on my mind: What does it mean? If you are not familiar or confused with politics, then look no further. I, too, am confused with the political conversations, and with President Trump in office, there is more opinion and bias surrounding his intentions involving his policies than the issues itself. The best way to learn about politics is to research and read articles on the topic. Avoid social media sites! Continue Reading →

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An open letter to the St. Kate’s community from your student newspaper

Dear Katies,

We realized recently that we may have been failing you. We have taken an inventory of ourselves and want to formally address our concerns to you all. Recently, President Donald Trump has said that as a whole, journalism is “false, horrible, fake reporting.” We do not believe this to be the case, nor do we want it to be reflective of the news reported at St. Kate’s. We accept that, since transitioning to an online publication, we have lost the pressing and pertinent nature that attends to timely issues on our campus. Continue Reading →

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