Dear Katies,

We realized recently that we may have been failing you. We have taken an inventory of ourselves and want to formally address our concerns to you all.

Recently, President Donald Trump has said that as a whole, journalism is “false, horrible, fake reporting.” We do not believe this to be the case, nor do we want it to be reflective of the news reported at St. Kate’s.

We accept that, since transitioning to an online publication, we have lost the pressing and pertinent nature that attends to timely issues on our campus. We recognize that we have been primarily publishers of feature articles. We have been silent when we should have been vocal. We have stayed within our comfort zones. We have not fully engaged our community, and we have started to become forgotten.

From this point forward, however, we will be promoting change.

  • We will be publishing a bi-weekly issue, instead of daily, and it will publish on Tuesdays on our website,
  • We will strive to report the news, however deep or controversial. We promise to do so fairly, completely, and accurately.
  • We will always include student perspectives in our stories, and we encourage you to email or contact us if you have ideas or events that you feel should be covered.
  • We promise to challenge perspectives if it is in the best interest of the students, and we will strive to find the truths in every situation.
  • We want The Wheel to be for and about students and student life. We encourage an open discourse.

Sincerely yours,
The Wheel Staff