On March 31 PRIDE will hold its second annual Queer Prom in the third-floor Ballroom of the Coeur de Catherine from 8-11 p.m. It is a semi-formal event open to St. Kate’s students and other college-aged individuals. This year’s theme is “love is universal.” This intergalactic theme was a unanimous choice made by PRIDE club members. This dance is open to all genders and sexualities.

Jane Edwards-Simpson, psychology ’18 and PRIDE Treasurer, said, “PRIDE started Queer Prom as part of bringing a presence back to campus, since it had become fairly inactive in previous years. It’s the kind of thing that draws attention and lets the community know we want to be involved with it. Plus, it’s a fun queer time to let us be ourselves and celebrate, in a way a lot of us didn’t get to do at our high school proms.”

Edwards-Simpson elaborated on the frequently posed question as to whether or not Queer Prom was open to straight people: “Queer Prom is definitely inclusive to everyone. We want to be connected to the rest of St. Kate’s community. And if we were to exclude straight people, we’d inherently end up excluding a lot of people we want to welcome, like people for whom it’s not safe to come out of the closet and the straight partners of LGBT+ folks.”

The mission of PRIDE is to promote respect and understanding of LGBT+ people, diminish fear, and to provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBT+ people to gather at St. Kate’s. The St. Kate’s student body can expect a night of good music, dancing and sweet treats. This is PRIDE’s second year hosting Queer Prom and the club is hoping that it will become an anticipated event in the St. Kate’s community.

Contact pride@stkate.edu with any questions about the event.