Each month during the the school year, the Black Student Association (BSA) holds Sister Circles, which were started by last year’s BSA president Rochelle Vincent.

These events were meant to be a safe space for blackness and womanhood. Each Sister Circle has a different theme and is hosted by a different BSA member. This past month’s Sister Circle focused on the idea of “what does it mean to be black”.

BSA members in attendance discussed the resilience and strength that comes with blackness, as well as the struggles that black people go through. There was mention of common black cultural experiences, and celebration of black hair styles, clothing, and style. Many members discussed how the media impacts the idea of blackness. Representation of blackness in the media, such as spreading the message “black is beautiful,” and seeing positive black role models, impacts the way the world sees black people and black culture.

St. Kate’s BSA Board, Left to Right: Crystal Wirtz, Bethlehem Yewhalawork, Ashlee Herring, Brigit Larkin, Hattisha Gary.

The community forum style of this Sister Circle allowed every participating member to contribute to the conversation and make their voice heard. Each black person has a different experience with their blackness, mixed black people, black immigrants, and others each have unique black experiences. These different experiences were discussed and heard by all BSA members.

There will be another Sister Circle before the end of the semester. BSA also encourages students to be sure to attend their dance, Ebony Ball, on May 5.