On March 9, the Social Events and Experiences for Katies Team (S.E.E.K) held their “Get Inked” event in the Pulse game room. S.E.E.K is an organization on campus that holds many different events. They sponsor movie nights, day brighteners, musical events, on campus speakers, off-campus trips, and a lot more. Chances are if you’re at an event, it is probably being held by S.E.E.K.

“Get Inked” is a new and interesting event that was created by one of S.E.E.K.’s members, Veronika Paprocka. After talking with her, she told me her process for coming up with this event.

“I usually get my Day Brightener ideas from crafts and activities that I like to do. This one just came to me late one night, the original idea was for real tattoos but obviously that can’t happen so this was a good solution!”

In the Pulse game room, the S.E.E.K team set up tables with a bunch of different designs that Katies could get tattooed on them. The options were endless. From beautiful flowers to catchy quotes, there was something for everyone to choose from.

Walking into the Pulse, the options for tattoos were endless!
One of the many amazing options for tattoos that Katies got at this S.E.E.K event.

The tattoos were temporary, of course, and the process of applying them was standard. By placing the tattoo on the desired part of your body and adding some water, the tattoo looked as if it were real. When it was all said and done, the Katies who walked out of the Pulse had unbelievably realistic looking tattoos.

Daring Katies decide to get some ink.

This event fell under the category of “day brightener” which is a common event for S.E.E.K to host. Basically, these events are just for fun. They are pretty self-explanatory: they are meant to brighten your day. This “Get Inked” event did just that. When Katies came into the Pulse game room they were able to pick out a fun tattoo and apply it. It wasn’t permanent, so it was fun.

Girls applying their tattoos.

According to Paprocka, she is already working on future events. “I have another day brightener on Tuesday for Pi Day and am working on planning my April events.”

In the midst of preparing for midterms, this event was a good distraction and a chance to have some fun on campus. This was a new event done by S.E.E.K and it was very successful. After having gotten the tattoo temporarily, maybe some of the girls will take the risk by getting the real thing.