Questions about the future surround every college student at an entirely new level now that we have graduated high school. Instead of people asking where we want to go to college, they are asking where and what we want to do with our degrees. Graduate school? Medical school? Law school? College students have a lot of decisions to make about their future. The great thing about St. Kate’s is the newly expanded career development office. Here, students can talk with a counselor about career options, take one or a few pamphlets on resumes, cover letters, and so forth, or rent a book in their library.

Pamphlets in the Career Development office; stop by and pick one up!

For some students, the discussion about jobs and careers can be simple because of their major, such as nursing. For others, the idea of job and career searching can be daunting for a number of reasons. The biggest obstacle for some is most likely where to begin. Resumes, cover letters, and references can be time-consuming. The most important thing to do is to start, and with a number of resources available at St. Kate’s, there is no way to procrastinate.

To get insight into this process, I emailed one of the career counselors at St. Kate’s: Katie Ness. Ness has been working at St. Kate’s since September 6, 2016. Her job has a variety of elements including individual appointments, co-managing office communications, leading in-class/group presentations, putting together career events/fairs, and supervising Peer Career Assistants. Ness also is an instructor for the career development for women courses.

Students of all ages are helped in the career office. The sorts of help that students receive range from assessment inventories (strong survey and MBTI) to pamphlets and handouts. The strong survey looks at what you like to do-interests, strengths, weakness, etc. The MBTI assessment looks at your personality traits and the best careers that would fit. These assessments are a great starting point for any student, old or young. The pamphlets and handouts assist as a step-by-step guide to conducting yourself in an interview or writing a resume. Every student’s career journey is different.

“[My best advice] is to persist and have GRIT! Find ways to continue to put your best foot forward and pursue multiple opportunities,” said Ness.

There are a lot of different events happening the rest of the semester so grab your calendars and start preparing!

“April 8th:

Etiquette Luncheon – Open to Juniors and Seniors.  A limited number of spaces available – first come, first served.  Register on KatieCareer.

April 21st:

Minnesota Education Job Fair – Open to Licensed Teachers, Social Work, ASL, OT students. Early registration ends April 19th but students are able to register the day of.

April 25th:

SCORE Workshop – SCORE is a nonprofit organization that assists individuals who are interested in opening their own business. Open to ALL.  Pre-registration required through KatieCareer.

Thursdays through May:

Job & Internship Search Labs – Open to ALL. Active workshops with up-to-date guidance through the search process.

March 28th & April 19th:

LinkedIn Labs – Open to ALL. Work time to get live assistance with your LinkedIn profile.”

For more information on any of these events, visit the career development office located in the CDC room 464. You can also visit their website (St.Kate’s Career Development). Its never to early to start thinking about your career journey. It’s yours and yours only!