This Spring Break, Campus Ministry held the Denver Immersion Trip to Denver, CO. The purpose of this trip was to bring students to work with Denver’s homeless population. The students who went on the trip found this to be an opportunity to apply what they have learned about social justice in the classroom to the real world.

“We learned about these issues in class, but this was first hand. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was interested in getting an eye-opening, real world experience,” said Leah Bates ’20, pre-nursing major.

Some of the most memorable student experiences included their trips to the Women’s Homeless Initiative, DenUM (Denver Urban Matters), and Brother’s Redevelopment. “In Denver, homelessness is huge: it’s on a large scale and it is tied to gentrification and street sweeping,” said Natalie Nation ’18, ASL Interpreting major, when discussing her experience with DenUM.

First year Teagan Tretter also discussed her encounter with gentrification in Denver, “We took a tour of the neighborhood and saw the stuff you don’t see when you are just walking around, like the dog park that took over a spot homeless people hang out or the fancy houses that increase property value and drive people out.”

Attendees of the trip agreed that this trip was an eye-opening experience and were grateful to Sam Kelly and all of Campus Ministry for this opportunity to practice real world social justice work.