The preparation of final exams, papers, presentations, and moving out of the dorms made my last two weeks of class stressful and anxiety producing. When I heard about the Comedy Sportz show, I was intrigued and skeptical to know more about what it was. I was not disappointed and thankful that I decided to go to the Comedy Sportz show. The show was performed on Saturday, May 6, in the Frey theater at 7 p.m. The actors were from St. Kate’s and St. Thomas. The referee was a well-known Comedy Sportz host: Michael Bruckmueller. He was the best part of the show!

The stage was simple. The set up included a half wall with a door and two stools. Each team had a bench facing each other. Lastly, the scoreboards were on a TV screen on both sides of the stage. The actors were in groups of three and put into teams: the Scrunchies and the Alien Abductees. During the show, the referee asked the team captains to decide what game they would like to play. Then, the referee asked the audience for a suggestion. If you have ever watched Whose Line is it Anyways, the concept of the show might sound familiar. However, the exception with this show was that it was live and not on a television screen. The actors did a fine job at coming up with skits with the audience suggestions.

The best improve skit was forward and backward by the scrunchies team. The team was given a scenario from the audience, and they performed it forward until the referee blew his whistle. The team had to perform the skit backwards from the place they stopped. The referee blew the whistle so many times that the actors might have gotten annoyed with him.

The show took my worries and stress away for a whole hour and a half. I laughed so hard and that made me extremely happy. This just goes to show that laughter is the best medicine for any stressful time in your life. Laughing is as liberating as writing in a journal, exercising, etc. Don’t stress out about the future! The work that you put into your classes along with the work you put into your mental health will surely be rewarded on May 19. Keep going strong in your studies and remember to laugh!