The annual Activities Fair in full swing!

On September 21st, St. Catherine University held their 2017 Activities fair. The Activities fair is held annually for students who are interested in joining clubs or organizations, and gives established clubs an opportunity to recruit new members. The fair also gives students a chance to see the new clubs that have been formed on campus that year. The fair was held in the quad this year, which was a change of scenery from it usually being held in the CDC Ballroom the past two years (However, I am sure many students would have welcomed another year in the Ballroom considering the heat and wind that morning). Listed below are a few clubs that are being featured from the 2017 Activities fair!

The Black Student Association or B.S.A gives a great depiction of the Activities Fair theme this year!


A club that is already very well-known and established on campus is the Black Student Association or BSA. “The Black Student Association unites all black students on campus and provides an environment to discuss issues affecting black students at the University and the entire community at large.” Their first general meeting was held on September 28th in the Rauenhorst/Morrison Seminar room. BSA also hosts the Ebony Ball, which is sure to be a blast, and will take place next spring!

The Fashion Association and their amazing gown at the 2017 Activities Fair.


Another great club on campus is the Fashion Association. “The Fashion Association provides members with opportunities to develop the qualities of leadership and cooperation through work within the department including planning and implementing the annual fashion show, Katwalk.” If you are someone who loves fashion and wants to get involved with this club, they meet every Thursday in Fontbonne 7.

The Katies Entrepreneur Organization follows the 2017 Activities Fair theme to a T!


If you are someone who is interested in being an Entrepreneur, then KEO or Katie’s Entrepreneur Organization is perfect for you! Their mission is “to inspire and empower women as future business professionals through leaders, creativity, and community involvement.” KEO is open to all students, gives them networking opportunities, hosts guest speakers, and more!

If you find yourself interested in any of the clubs listed above, or any you saw at the Activities fair, and want more information, click here. If you did not see a club that you were expecting to see, don’t worry! Starting your own club at St. Kate’s is easy. All potential clubs must go through a chartering process with the Student Center and Activities Office. The deadline for chartering a new club this year ends October 20th. If you would like more detailed information on chartering a new club, please refer to the Student Organization Handout.