“I’m going to kill him!” This is a common phrase that is repeated numerous times throughout the upcoming play, 12 Angry Jurors, performed by the St. Kate’s theater department. A show written 60 years ago but still very prevalent to this day. The show was written to make people reflect on themselves, their inner biases, prejudices and is meant to invoke many raw emotions.

Jordan Lena, English and Musical Theater majors ’20 who is also a cast member and publicist for the production, gives us some insight on the play.

“The play circulates around twelve very unique individuals who are brought together by a jury summons determine the fate of a young man who is being tried for murder,” says Lena. “Each person brings their own experiences and biases which proves to cause tension in the jury room.”

Along with their vast differences in experience and biases, each juror’s personality and character also play a part in the tension.

“Juror number three is loud, opinionated and incredibly self-assured,” says Lena. “Number three becomes the fiercest proponent of a “guilty” verdict.”

Lena continues, “Juror number four is a smart [and] savvy businesswoman. She provides a logical and analytical perspective for the table and keeps the jurors from getting too emotionally charged.”

“Juror number eight is quiet, firm and skeptical,” says Lena. “He is willing to be the only advocate for the defendant and is resolute in his fight and pursuit of justice and truth.”

With all the different characters needed for this play, one wonders how actors can carry them out so genuinely.

“Everyone is super talented and manages to infuse their characters with such depth and individuality while still remaining authentic to the core of the character,” says Lena. “It says a lot about an actor when they can make the character a real, multi- layered individual and then sustain that for 65 minutes without any breaks.”

That is what every actor has to do. It is no easy feat and must take a combination of skills, talent, dedication, and passion.

12 Angry Jurors runs from November 1-4 at 7 p.m. and November 5 at 2 p.m.  It is one long act and will run about 65 minutes.

Tickets are free to students, staff and faculty with an ACTC ID. General admission is $10. Tickets may be purchased from the O’Shaughnessy box office or at the door.

Teasers for the show are being released on numerous social media websites. Readers can follow StKatesTheater on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for teasers and updates.