Running shoes

On Sunday October 1, according to MPR News about 7,500 runners took part in the 36th Twin Cities Marathon, while 10,000 others ran the 10-mile race. The marathon took place on Sunday and many runners went out to take part in not just the marathon but also the 10K or 5K being held. Some of these runners woke up early on Sunday and left St. Kates campus, while other St. Kate’s students went out early morning to volunteer. The marathon began at 8am, the 10-mile began at 7, and the 10K began at 7:15 according to There were other events, such as a 5K run and a family fun run that began later in the day and there were large crowds gathered in the area all day.

While some were getting ready to run 26.2 miles, some St. Kate’s students were preparing to help these runners along the way. Students volunteered to work the marathon doing a variety of things. Lexi Erickson handed out Gatorade to runners at mile 22, and while she said it was hard work, she found it to be inspiring and said overall it was worth it.

Lexi, Elementary Education \’21

Lexi Erickson, 21’ Elementary Education, a member of the track team and cross country team at St. Kate’s, went out to mile 22 at 6am and stood out there for seven hours handing out drinks to the runners passing by. As a member of the cross country team at St. Kate’s, Erickson said she found it inspiring to see people still sprinting after running 22 miles. “It made me want to run a marathon.” Erickson said she found it difficult to stand out there as she had run 11.5 miles the day before with her own team, and getting up at 6am to stand in cold rain all day wasn’t what she had in mind after that. But when she saw the runners going and continuing to push through the pain they must have been feeling, she felt she was doing something worthwhile in “helping them through their pain, while working through my own.” Seeing fellow runners completing such a giant task inspired the runner to push through obstacles and encouraged her to consider running a marathon herself someday. However she knows it would be hard work because the training the marathoners go through is, “5 steps up” from what the team does.

While some students volunteered to help, others ran themselves. One student from St. Kate’s ran the 10K race on Sunday. Sadie Paulino 21’ Nursing, took in part in the 10K portion of the race. She ran with a friend from St. Thomas and finished the run in an hour and three minutes. She had done 5Ks in the past and had been a part of the cross country team at her high school. However, this was her first 10K. This was also her first time taking part in the Twin Cities Marathon. She signed up because she was looking for a way to “stay in shape and stay motivated” and found the marathon online. She felt this would be good for keeping her running over the month and thought it would be a good experience so she signed up.  She had a training program and followed the program, but she usually tries to run everyday in the Butler Center on campus whether training for a race or just trying to stay in shape. She enjoyed the run and said it was a really happy place. “It was a big crowd and everyone was high energy.” Paulino says she enjoyed that they had cops on intersections cheering people on, and the “music playing and free food made me really happy.”

The run began at 7:15 Sunday morning and runners had to arrive at 6:30. After running Paulino said “we didn’t get out until like 10, because the crowds were so big.” Through this event the St. Kate’s community along with the larger Twin Cities community were able to come together and support each other.