Wortham\’s paintings are based on her childhood photos and explore the relationship of memory and nostalgia associated with them.


The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery hosted two exhibits from September 9th through October 20th. The exhibits on display were “Like a Girl” by Lizzie Wortham and “Vinyasa: Connecting Global Textiles and Sustainable Design” by Anupama Pasricha. Both of the above-mentioned artists were also able to come to the Gallery for open questions with interested viewers. Wortham came to the Gallery on September 13th and Pasricha arrived on October 13th. These Q&A’s give art enthusiasts the opportunity to talk directly about the artists’ work and their artistic process. All exhibits put on by the Gallery are free and all students of St. Catherine are encouraged to come and enjoy the beautiful artwork.

A stunning collection from Wortham\’s exhibit \’Like a Girl\’

The exhibit “Like a Girl” was put on by Lizzie Wortham, who is, according to the biography given out by the Gallery, “a contemporary figurative painter originally from Minnesota.”  Her work has received national recognition from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Minnesota State Fair, the Star Tribune, the White Bear Arts Council and the North American Graduate Arts Survey. Her work focuses on “her childhood photos, and explore the complex mingling of nostalgia and memory while evoking the vulnerability and unbridled self-absorption of adolescence.” To me, her work was a reminder of all the amazing memories I have with my family. It was a beautiful exhibit that reminded me of my childhood.

A painting included in Parisha\’s exhibit, \’Vinyasa: Connecting Global Textiles and Sustainable Design\’


The next exhibit “Vinyasa: Connecting Global Textiles and Sustainable Design” was put on by our very own Anupama Pasricha, the chair of the Apparel, Merchandising and Design Department at St. Catherine’s University. According to her biography, her work has been on display at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, the Minnesota State Fair, and the International Textiles and Apparel Association design exhibit.  Pasricha has been honored recently with the 2017 Bonnie Jean Kelly and Joan Kelly Award for Faculty Excellence at St. Catherine University. According to her artistic statement, Pasricha focuses on “environmentally conscious and socially responsible processes.” Her designs “empower women who not only value individuality, diversity and well-being, but also sustainability and the environment.” Pasricha’s gowns were beautiful and a great reminder of the importance of working sustainably in any way we can. I think it is a great message to Katies, as well as to the public, that being eco-friendly is vital.

A dress a part of Pasricha\’s exhibit that was creatively designed with sustainability in mind.



Another beautiful dress crafted by Anupama Pasricha

The Gallery’s upcoming exhibits, which both open to the public on November 4th, include “Space Between us” by Leslie Barlow, and “After the End” by Melissa Loop. On Wednesday, November 15th at 7 p.m. Barlow will be coming to the Gallery for a “Conversation with the Curator” about her work. Loop will be having her Gallery Talk on November 21st at 10:30 a.m.