Mission Statement

The Wheel aspires to reflect the diversity, important issues and the unique atmosphere that comprises St. Catherine University. We strive to promote the vision of empowering women to lead and influence, as well as an understanding of the college community. The Wheel is not a public relations vehicle for any St. Kate’s individual, group, department or for the college as a whole. We welcome feedback and encourage an open discourse.

The Wheel can be contacted by emailing wheel@stkate.edu.








Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Singerhouse







Website & Social Media Editor: Emma Hargreaves







Assistant Editor: Raya Israelson







Assistant Editor: Amber Dunlap






Multimedia Journalist: Ciara Smith







Multimedia Journalist: Eva Shellabarger


Multimedia Journalist: Ka Bao Jennrich




Multimedia Journalist: Lauren Herr







Multimedia Journalist: Maggie Sciortino






Multimedia Journalist: Rita van der Puije





Multimedia Journalist: Teighlor McGee






Multimedia Journalist: Katherine Laak







Advisor: Jill Jepson