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Celebrating the life of Violeta Parra means celebrating women artists everywhere



St. Kate’s has always aimed to expose women artists, with the Catherine G. Murphy gallery bringing recognition to many women artists over the years. It is interesting to see how women artists are appreciated in other parts of the world, especially when they are given such a pedestal at St. Kate’s. One of the most influential artists that has been brought to a bigger light in Chile is folksinger, writer, and painter Violeta Parra. Continue Reading →

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Exchange students from the U.S. have to learn different side of their own country’s history

Leaving your country to study abroad should mean that you would become out of the loop on what is going on back home. However, the news that comes from the United States is inescapable and overpowering. Everyone here in Chile seems to know about the political climate of the United States, while most of the students from the United States that arrive to Chile are unfamiliar with what the biggest issues here are. In general, most of the other students that come from the United States are not so familiar with Chilean history or government, meanwhile most Chilean people know all about what is going on politically in the United States. The current U.S. president is a topic of discussion on many Chilean talk shows, and can be seen on the front pages of Chilean newspapers often. Continue Reading →

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Let St. Kate’s have the fun it deserves: Dancing at every opportunity

Last night I realized what I had been missing during my entire first year at St. Kate’s: dancing my heart out until I’m too tired to continue! After the much-awaited International Potluck, many remained for the after party. It was so joyful to dance and celebrate with other wonderful St. Kate’s students, under the purple and pink lights, on the floor of the Rauenhorst Ballroom. Continue Reading →

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Senate day entices in new student voters

Student Senate held Senate Day on Wednesday, April 5 to promote the senate elections and encourage students to participate in voting. Senate members called over passer-bys, asking them to vote and showing off the various prizes they could win if they participated. Students also answered trivia questions and offered feedback of their perceptions of the St. Catherine University (St. Kate’s) Senate. Continue Reading →

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1,000 Who CAIR event prompts Minnesotans to take action against Islamophobia

Around 1,500 supporters gathered at the O’Shaughnessy on Saturday, March 25 for a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) fundraiser and show. The lineup of speakers featured many notable Muslim figures and activists. The event was titled “1,000 Who CAIR,” and was an initiative to build up support and funding for the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. Victims of Islamophobia spoke about their experiences and the importance of action against it in these political times. “Let’s not just be frustrated, but let’s turn all these emotions into action,” said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of CAIR MN. Continue Reading →

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She Pab film festival shares stories and superstitions of Hmong culture

She Pab: Voices of Hmong Women hosted their second film festival on Friday, March 10 to a crowd twice the size as the previous year. This year’s themes were folk tales and superstitions, and the films explored the prevalent stories told within Hmong culture. The event was held in the JDA and featured ten short films that explored many superstitions prevalent in Hmong legends. She Pab meets bi-monthly and serves as a gathering place of support for Hmong women. “Their mission is to increase awareness of Hmong culture and work with the Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity program to promote awareness of the Hmong minor,” stated Pa Lor, the advisor for She Pab. Continue Reading →

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