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Comedy Sportz

The preparation of final exams, papers, presentations, and moving out of the dorms made my last two weeks of class stressful and anxiety producing. When I heard about the Comedy Sportz show, I was intrigued and skeptical to know more about what it was. I was not disappointed and thankful that I decided to go to the Comedy Sportz show. The show was performed on Saturday, May 6, in the Frey theater at 7 p.m. The actors were from St. Kate’s and St. Continue Reading →

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Organization and cleaning, the apple to my pie

This last month of March consisted of St. Patricks day, the last snowfall (hopefully) and the start of the spring-cleaning season. Spring-cleaning is the most wonderful time of the year! I get to wear skirts, dresses, and shorts. I can get my bicycle out and leave my bedroom window open without freezing my butt off. Continue Reading →

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Understanding immigration and politics through the lens of an English major

The amount of talk recently about immigration in the United States has had one recurring thought on my mind: What does it mean? If you are not familiar or confused with politics, then look no further. I, too, am confused with the political conversations, and with President Trump in office, there is more opinion and bias surrounding his intentions involving his policies than the issues itself. The best way to learn about politics is to research and read articles on the topic. Avoid social media sites! Continue Reading →

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