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Sugar: The delicious devil

Walking into the Dining Hall, the array of sugary foods that are on display can be hard to resist. The assortment of desserts that are available have any type of sweet someone is looking for. We have pastries, cake, pie, cupcakes, candy bars, soda, shakes, and much more. With all of these desserts, picking a healthier option is sometimes a challenge. After talking with Maggie Sciortino ’18, English major, she told me her feelings about what is offered in our dining hall. Continue Reading →

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This year’s Catherine’s Monologues

Catherine’s Monologues hosted many talented and passionate students whose work inspired a lot of creative thinking on important issues this year. The Monologues gave the students a way to express their concerns on contemporary issues in an artistic setting. Each performer tackled a tough issue that was personal to them and had affected them in some way. Not all of the writers performed their own monologue and some writers decided to remain anonymous. When talking with Jordan Lena, one of the performers, she told me “ These authors bared their souls through these Monologues and many of them published anonymously because of this. Continue Reading →

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The increase in textbook prices and what students can do to save money

On college campuses around the country, there is anxiety around paying for tuition and textbooks every semester. And that anxiety is growing. Not only is tuition increasing every year but also textbooks prices are increasing rapidly. According to The Huffington Post, “College textbook prices have increased faster than tuition, health care costs and housing prices, all of which have risen faster than inflation.” Students can’t keep up with the insane textbook prices that colleges require them to pay. According to Tyler Kingkade from the Huffington Post, on average students pay $655 on textbooks each year. Continue Reading →

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Katies get tattooed in the Pulse

On March 9, the Social Events and Experiences for Katies Team (S.E.E.K) held their “Get Inked” event in the Pulse game room. S.E.E.K is an organization on campus that holds many different events. They sponsor movie nights, day brighteners, musical events, on campus speakers, off-campus trips, and a lot more. Chances are if you’re at an event, it is probably being held by S.E.E.K.

“Get Inked” is a new and interesting event that was created by one of S.E.E.K.’s members, Veronika Paprocka. After talking with her, she told me her process for coming up with this event. Continue Reading →

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The Wildcat golf team

Last semester, our Wildcat golf team captured the attention of our campus and the other St.Paul colleges when they won the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). However, that is not their only accomplishment in the six short years they have been at St. Kate’s. According to our St. Kate’s athletic page, the golf team has won three tournaments and set over 15 school records. Continue Reading →

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How warm weather can affect student performance

As winter comes to a close, we begin to put the dark and dismal days behind us. Slowly, it begins to warm up and the days get longer and brighter. These beautiful days can evoke enthusiasm and ambitiousness which makes it hard not to feel excited about this spring and upcoming summer. As spring semester started this year, I began to wonder how the weather has an effect on students during the school year. Does it make us more willing to study, do our homework, and more amped to excel in classes? Continue Reading →

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Getting to know the St. Kate’s hockey team from goalie Kristen Pechacek

What makes a team great? According to Kristen Pechacek, psychology and neuroscience ’18, it is working with your teammates and being great together. Pechacek is a crucial part of the hockey team at St. Kate’s and has been publicly recognized for her talent as a goalie on the team. During her sophomore season, Pechacek won first team All-MIAC and second team All-American honors. Continue Reading →

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Election night at The Pulse and the shocking outcome

Entering The Pulse, there was an obvious excitement circling the room. It was packed with students sitting in groups and talking amongst their friends. The TV’s were turned onto the election and how the polls looked so far. It was apparent from the students and the reporters on TV that most people were confident in Hillary Clinton’s ability to win. The event held by SEEK lasted from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Because of that, the winning candidate wouldn’t be announced until long after the party was over. Continue Reading →

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A look into last week’s Student Senate meeting

Every Tuesday there is a weekly Student Senate meeting held in the Rauenhorst Ballroom. At these meetings, the senate discusses academic and community goals as well as the budget for clubs, organizations and events at St. Kate’s. This involves Senate deciding how to distribute funding for parties or activities that clubs want to have. Also, any concern or issue from a student is brought up to administration by senate members. Continue Reading →

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Catherine G. Murphy Gallery fall exhibits: Between Rivers and The Absence of Water


On September 17th, St. Kate’s opened their new exhibits in the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery. Right now the two exhibits going on are Between Rivers and The Absence of Water. According to Gao Yer Lee, a sophomore at St. Kate’s and an employee of the gallery, “We have paintings and also sculptures and sometimes they even have video art.” Lee also said that anyone can put on an art exhibit in the St. Continue Reading →

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