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The countdown to Winter Commencement

On Dec. 6, December 2016 graduates gathered for rehearsal at O’Shaughnessy auditorium in preparation for their commencement ceremony on Dec. 21. With graduation looming so near, there was already a distinct air of excitement attached to everyone as they entered their names for door prizes and picked up their tickets for family members. The schedule for Dec. Continue Reading →

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Trump nominates Ambassador to the U.N. and Secretary of Education

On November 23, President-elect Donald Trump nominated the first female cabinet members of his Presidency, Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos. They have been nominated for Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of Education respectively. According to the White House official website, the purpose of the cabinet is “to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office”. Each person in this inner circle serve as an expert in the field of their position This cabinet also forms the order of succession should anything happen to the President or anyone ranked below them. As advisors for Trump, they, along with the other nominees chosen for the Presidential Cabinet, will play a part in shaping the Trump administration. Continue Reading →

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Vaccines won’t make you sick, but Flu Season will!

The cold and flu season is upon us and now it’s time to think about getting the flu shot. Too often when it comes to flu shots, thinking is as far as we get every year. If you are once again on the fence about whether or not you should get the flu shot, look no further. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza, or the flu is “a contagious respiratory illness caused by flu viruses.” This illness is characterized in adults by a combination of these symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, a runny or stuffed up nose, body aches, and tiredness. If you get the flu, this illness could affect you for several days to two weeks. Continue Reading →

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Katies give back at Citizen Katie

“Whatever you’re going to do in your life… you can do good work there,” said President Roloff, at the opening program of Citizen Katie. October 15, 2016 marks the day that 350 current St. Kate’s students and alumni came together to make a difference in many areas of our community. Katies went to sort food at food shelves around the Twin Cities, created medical supply kits and snack packs for homeless children, laid turf with Habitat for Humanity, and worked to support many other local charities to help people around Minnesota who have needs to be filled. The Wheel staff attended as a group and stayed on the St. Continue Reading →

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College students cope with anxiety

The start of a new college year never fails to bring on new challenges.  Maybe you’re taking on upper level courses, adding an internship to your schedule, or juggling other commitments.  If this is your first year of college, home might be hours away, and you’re trying to live on your own for the first time.  All of these things have different types of stress attached to them and anxiety can be a common response to these things.  But what happens when these feelings of excessive worry and nervous energy don’t stop after you turn in that final paper of the semester? Continue Reading →

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Psychologists can guess who you’re voting for

Election Day is creeping closer and closer.  Every election year, we feel tensions rise.  Once again, it’s Democrats against Republicans and we can’t seem to find common ground with each other, even with people we love and care about.  Why is that? There has been an increasing amount of research done on political behaviors around the world to help explain why someone might vote for one political party instead of another. Continue Reading →

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Safe and Inclusive: How and why Senate’s Diversity Chairs are creating gender neutral housing

It’s possible that there will be a new floor implemented in one of the St. Kate’s residence halls. Pixie Rock, an ACTC Anthropology major, ‘19, is half of the Diversity Chair in Student Senate and has been advocating for a safe community for those who identify as trans* (the asterisk indicates a variety of identities under this umbrella) or whose gender identity doesn’t fit the gender binary (male/female) system that exists in our society. Their solution? Create gender neutral housing on campus in order to be more inclusive of all students who want the experience of living on campus. Continue Reading →

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I’m graduating! Now what?

St. Kate’s is about to graduate another batch of distinguished students this coming May. It’s an exciting time as students wrap up their St. Kate’s career and prepare to make their mark on their communities. Students look forward to the steady beat of Pomp and Circumstance… until pangs of panic resonate within them and some students realize that they don’t have a very clear idea what their next step is after finishing their undergraduate career. Continue Reading →

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A vegetarian experiment

My last story was about the challenges and benefits of introducing a vegetarian or vegan diet into your life.  You can find that story HERE.  Instead of leaving that story as it was, I decided that it was a good opportunity for me to try having a close to vegetarian diet for a short period of time, just to see what it was like. Sarah Larsen, Emily West, and Jeff Johnson all had advice for those who would like to try being Vegetarian or Vegan:

Don’t Try To Be Morally Superior.  Even if you’re being very conscientious about what you’re eating, “It’s impossible to have totally clean hands,” said Johnson. Continue Reading →

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To Veggie or Not to Veggie?

“I’d totally be vegetarian, but I like hamburgers too much.”

How often have you heard someone say something like the sentence above?  I know that I’ve said it in the past and that I’m not alone. Being vegetarian means that meat or animal protein is not included in your diet.  Being vegan is the same thing, but takes things a step further and does not include animal by-products such as eggs, cow’s milk and even honey.  But why should we consider a vegetarian or a vegan diet for ourselves? Continue Reading →

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