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Celebrating 35 years; MIAC membership and the rise of St. Kate’s athletics

The Wildcats soccer team took home a victory from the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (MIAC) Playoffs on Nov. 4 and will move on to represent St. Kate’s at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament for the first time. The MIAC victory is also a first for St. Kate’s since becoming a member in 1982.  

It might be difficult for some St. Continue Reading →

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Building hope and resistance in local government

What role do LGBTQ people play in politics when, according to The New York Post, President Trump was rumored to say Vice President Mike Pence, “…wants to hang them all!” Seeking to respond to this question, People Respecting Identity Differences for Equality (PRIDE) sponsored the Oct. 18 event “Queer in Politics”. PRIDE hosted local politician Erica Mauter, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership ’14, for a question-and-answer session. Attending students, mostly LGBTQ-identified and students of color, enjoyed the event. These students, often politically active, or at least savvy, can feel parched to see someone who looks like them living out their goals. Mauter’s platform and advice closely reflected the progressive politics of many left-leaning Katies. Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Imagining an un-policed St. Kate’s

“I am not welcome here!” proclaims local activist John Thompson’s to a packed Rauenhorst Ballroom. The room at the heart of the campus is packed with students, community members and visitors for the Sept. 20 event, Dismantling Systemic Racism: a Community Conversation, hosted by St. Peter Claver Church, the Myser Initiative, and the Multicultural and International Programs and Services (MIPS) office. President Roloff’s opening statement, which extolled the campus’s beauty and complete with canned, liberal anti-racism mantras, was interrupted by Thompson after she said “all are welcome here”. Continue Reading →

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