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A deeper look into the Deaf culture on campus

St. Kate’s is highly regarded in the Deaf community. It is also a huge draw for prospective students seeking to study American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting. Walking around the St. Kate’s campus, it seems as if we have a pretty diverse campus, and many schools around the U.S. advertise to prospective students as diverse. Continue Reading →

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Your browsing history is now for sale and companies are out shopping just for that

Since the year of 2015 when the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) under President Barack Obama set up a regulation to protect internet users privacy, people in the United States may have been able to freely browse the internet without being hounded by advertisements related to the websites we visited. The FCC, due to this new bill( Senate Joint Resolution 34- A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, united States Code, of the rule submitted by the FCC relating to ‘Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services”) (ProPublica), is prohibited from making new regulations in the future. While that happens a bit now, it is likely that it is nothing compared to what is to come. On Tuesday, March 28 a bill was barely passed to invalidate this regulation. Sean Spicer, the White House Spokesperson hasn’t announced when Donald Trump will sign this new bill. Continue Reading →

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How to go green, in a dorm, on a budget

Spring is hopefully on its way any day now. Winter is well known for bringing on the blues for just about anybody and many Minnesotans are more than ready for warmer weather and brighter skies. As the weather warmed up in the middle of February, we all enjoyed it thoroughly, however, for most, it’s fair to say there was a bit of concern as climate change showed itself during those warm days. Helping the environment and going the route of eco-friendly is never a bad choice. While it may not be the most convenient to have a compost bin in your dorm room there are tons of other ways you can help the environment, your budget, and your overall health. Continue Reading →

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UNITED IN SOLIDARITY; A destination of St. Kate’s PRIDE group

Friday, February 17  was a much-deserved opportunity for members of St. Kate’s Pride Club. The team has worked to raise enough money for a trip to Chicago for the yearly Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Allied Conference, MBLGTACC (pronounced mumble-tech). MBLGTACC is a conference for LGBTQ college students. 17 members of Pride went this year, and those members have definitely worked for it. The members who went raised money in every way they could, including multiple bake sales raising over 500 dollars. Continue Reading →

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The scoop on Lambda Sigma Tau

Lambda Sigma Tau (LST) has made some changes to their constitution to become a more accurate representation of what they, as a group find most important. Emilia Grinsell nursing major ’18, the Publicity Chair for Lambda Sigma Tau describes the changes to the sorority as more positive for the group as a whole. A new member of the Lambda Sigma Tau, Tatyana Beck nursing major ’20, is strongly in favor of the changes. “After hearing what happened in the past, I’m really glad they worked really hard so no one has to go experience any uncomfortable situation and the process brings us all together,” said Beck. The changes include the focus of the sorority. Continue Reading →

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Anti-Trump protestors shut down I-94, a photo journal

Protests are breaking out across the country, including right here in Minneapolis. On November 10, over 5,000 people showed up to protest the presidential elect, Donald Trump. This was a peaceful demonstration resulting from the anger this election has brought about. The protestors shut down I-94 in Minneapolis and no arrests were made. Each photo is captioned from lyrics of the song ‘Hand in Hand’ by Jayanthi Kyle. Continue Reading →

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Now a word from our Wildcat athletes!

It’s no secret that sports are linked to a healthy lifestyle. “By following a regular schedule of being physically active, individuals can benefit by improving their physical and emotional well-being,” said Cami Paulson, a Women’s fitness and wellness professor at St. Kate’s. Paulson is also the track and field coach. A healthy lifestyle is not just having a physical well-being, it includes being emotional and mentally healthly as well. Continue Reading →

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Best fall hikes for Katies according to Katies

American culture is arguably centered around food. Want to spend time with friends? You’ll probably end up at a café or restaurant. A great alternative is hiking! Courses range from easy to full-body engagement as you climb up the sides of cliffs and jump over fallen trees and boulders. Continue Reading →

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