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Opinion: My deaf experience on campus

I remember the very first day I arrived at St. Kate’s. I was picked up at the airport by advisors from the international student’s office, they were both hearing and I felt a bit overwhelmed trying to lipread and talk. I came from a community college in California, with 200 other deaf students, and I used my hands to communicate the two years before transferring to St. Kate’s. Continue Reading →

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Winners for the St. Kates 2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest

The Office of Global Studies has announced the winners of their Study Abroad Photo Contest. Each year, the Office of Global Studies holds a photo contest where students who have studied abroad can submit their best travel photos for a prize. Below are the winners of the 2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest. Cultural Connections

1st Place – Laura Bush, “All shall be equal before the law”

South Africa – J-Term 2017
“A street mural in Capetown, South Africa. “All shall be equal before the law” is a commendable saying, but chain link fences and barbed wire still separate many.” Continue Reading →

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Escaping the Cage: A Guide for the Manipulated Adolescent

Romantic love is a rarity and if you’re naïve enough to disagree, you could find yourself in my situation.  Manipulation, on the other hand, is happening everywhere.  I escaped a domestically abusive relationship four years ago.  It changed my perception on love, victims, abuse, and life in general.  Abuse can be blatantly obvious to the ones witnessing it, but less obvious to the victim.  Escaping is like trying to escape a cage that bears your pride.  You must accept the fact that there will be no crutch to hold you.  Then set fire to the weeks/months/years wasted on the abuser.  With enough bravery, you can find the justice you deserve and escape abuse. The interesting thing about abuse is the cage you are in may appear blatant, fuzzy, or hidden.  Everyone saw my cage because my abuser isolated me from my friends and family.  This did not change my chances of escaping the abuse or noticing the cage myself.  To me, it was invisible; it did not exist.  Posts on social media told me “When I fight with you, I’m fighting for us.”  Of course, I read those in my abuser’s voice that reassured me he loved me. Reassurance should never exist in a healthy relationship.  But all I could do was beg for it every time my abuser told me I was “bitch.”  He referred to me as a bitch when I refused to do something from him, certain things I was not comfortable with proceeding in doing.  If I rejected him, he would hit or bite me, and not in a playful way.  His favorite form of abuse was shooting me with an airsoft gun with the safety off.  My motionless body was a target to little pellets that stung and left bruises.  There is no lower feeling than being a literal target for mockery.  I held in tears when he did this.  They would burn my nose, but I knew the tears would be followed with a sardonic comment from my abuser, telling me I was being too sensitive.  In the midst of this,  the back of my mind patiently waited for him to cool down and reassure me that I was important. You should already know your significant other loves you without reassurance.  If support does occur in an abusive relationship, it usually happens in two steps of the abusive process: reconciliation and the honeymoon phase.  My abuser would apologize and beg for my forgiveness, lacing his words with glimmers of hope.  “I love you so much,” he would say, “I was only kidding, but what I did was wrong and I am a fool for it.” He would proceed by taking me on extravagant dates, spending loads of his paycheck on me. “This can’t be abuse. Continue Reading →

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An open letter to the St. Kate’s community from your student newspaper

Dear Katies,

We realized recently that we may have been failing you. We have taken an inventory of ourselves and want to formally address our concerns to you all. Recently, President Donald Trump has said that as a whole, journalism is “false, horrible, fake reporting.” We do not believe this to be the case, nor do we want it to be reflective of the news reported at St. Kate’s. We accept that, since transitioning to an online publication, we have lost the pressing and pertinent nature that attends to timely issues on our campus. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: St. Kate’s should reconsider the Flex Points Policy

Dear Editor,

St. Catherine University has been educating and preparing women for more than a century. One way the school helps students prepare for the real world is budgeting. College is expensive and many students do not have much discretionary income. Students need to juggle large tuition payments, book fees, and lab fees. Continue Reading →

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AMP team decides “It’s On Us” to address sexual assault on college campuses

With sexual assault so prevalent on college campuses across the country, in 2014 President Obama began It’s On Us, an initiative to increase college communities’ awareness and prevention of sexual assault. This fall Brigette Marty, Associate Director of Student Center and Activities (SCA), and junior Mary Beth Becker have partnered to create an It’s On Us campaign at St. Kate’s. Last year, Becker approached Marty with the idea and the two applied for funding from St. Kate’s Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP) to support the project. So far Marty and Becker have had a very positive experience working together, although they both find it challenging that they have to do this work at all. Continue Reading →

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Professor Deb Sheats and student Maia Labrie reflect on the benefits of AMP collaboration

“It’s really rewarding to see how much [students] change over the course of the semester,” said senior Maia Labrie about her experience as a teaching assistant (TA) for Professor Debra Sheats’ section of The Reflective Woman. “Students become more open minded because of a lot of the discussions we have.”

This fall, through the Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP), Sheats and Labrie have had the opportunity to collaborate for a second year on this course. AMP, one of three student employment programs offered by the Center for Community Work and Learning, is designed to support student and faculty/staff partnerships on teaching, research, and programs. Sheats presented Labrie with the opportunity to apply with her for AMP funding after having Labrie as a TRW student and recognizing her strong academic, written communication, and organizational skills.  

For Sheats, the biggest reward of participating in AMP is witnessing her mentees grow and develop. “I saw [Maia] come in as a first-year a little more tentative, and … Continue Reading →

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Trump: Riding the rise of fear in America

By Colin Gulling

The American president often resembles the emotional state of the country within history. What does it say when seven out of ten people have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump, yet he is the current front-runner for the Republican Nomination? A Time article published in early April highlights those inconsistencies between Trump’s success and his likability. “Even in the South, a region where Trump has won GOP primaries decisively, close to 70 percent view him unfavorably. And among whites without a college education, one of Trump’s most loyal voting blocs, 55 percent have a negative opinion,” said Julie Pace and Emily Swanson of Time Magazine. Continue Reading →

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Decoding the feud between Apple and the FBI

By Colin Gulling

The tech giant Apple and the Federal Government of the United States are entangled in a complicated legal battle that made its way to the Supreme Court. This is no simple case, and emotions are running high on both sides of the argument. This legal entanglement arose from the ashes of the recent San Bernardino Terrorist shooting, in which the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) could not access an iPhone belonging to one of the deceased attackers, Sayed Farook, through traditional methods. The FBI prioritizes safety and defense for the people. They are asking Apple to create an encryption that breaks through iPhone security systems, allowing access to vital information. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the editor: The toxic reality

As American consumers, we live in a capitalist society where we indulge in purchasing products to temporarily satisfy our happiness. What we do not pay attention to, are the labels on the personal care products. We expose ourselves to deadly chemicals every day, even though these labels often indicate that the products we use are harmful. Typically, we wake up in the morning by brushing our teeth, showering where we run soap throughout our body massaging shampoo into our hair, rubbing deodorant under our arms, spraying our bodies. Standard personal care products consist of shampoos, conditioners, lotions, perfumes/colognes, mouthwash, toothpaste, and the list goes on. Continue Reading →

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