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String Chamber Orchestra will have free concert on Nov. 20

St. Kate’s String Chamber Orchestra will have a free concert on Nov. 20, at 7:30 p.m. The event will feature classical pieces and will be held in Our Lady of Victory Chapel. Ewa Bujak, conductor of the String Chamber Orchestra, has been conducting the orchestra for years. She also teaches violin lessons at St. Continue Reading →

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Past and Upcoming Art Exhibits at the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery



The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery hosted two exhibits from September 9th through October 20th. The exhibits on display were “Like a Girl” by Lizzie Wortham and “Vinyasa: Connecting Global Textiles and Sustainable Design” by Anupama Pasricha. Both of the above-mentioned artists were also able to come to the Gallery for open questions with interested viewers. Wortham came to the Gallery on September 13th and Pasricha arrived on October 13th. These Q&A’s give art enthusiasts the opportunity to talk directly about the artists’ work and their artistic process. Continue Reading →

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12 Angry Jurors: sympathy, rage, and everything inbetween


“I’m going to kill him!” This is a common phrase that is repeated numerous times throughout the upcoming play, 12 Angry Jurors, performed by the St. Kate’s theater department. A show written 60 years ago but still very prevalent to this day. The show was written to make people reflect on themselves, their inner biases, prejudices and is meant to invoke many raw emotions. Jordan Lena, English and Musical Theater majors ’20 who is also a cast member and publicist for the production, gives us some insight on the play. Continue Reading →

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Celebrating the life of Violeta Parra means celebrating women artists everywhere



St. Kate’s has always aimed to expose women artists, with the Catherine G. Murphy gallery bringing recognition to many women artists over the years. It is interesting to see how women artists are appreciated in other parts of the world, especially when they are given such a pedestal at St. Kate’s. One of the most influential artists that has been brought to a bigger light in Chile is folksinger, writer, and painter Violeta Parra. Continue Reading →

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Comedy Sportz

The preparation of final exams, papers, presentations, and moving out of the dorms made my last two weeks of class stressful and anxiety producing. When I heard about the Comedy Sportz show, I was intrigued and skeptical to know more about what it was. I was not disappointed and thankful that I decided to go to the Comedy Sportz show. The show was performed on Saturday, May 6, in the Frey theater at 7 p.m. The actors were from St. Kate’s and St. Continue Reading →

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St. Kate’s LEAD Team exemplifies university’s leadership statement with on-campus event

On Thursday, May 4, the St. Catherine University (St. Kate’s) Leadership, Encouragement, Assistance, and Development Team (LEAD Team) held an event outside of the O’Shaughnessy to teach St. Kate’s students about the university’s Leadership Statement. The event ran over the lunch hour on a beautiful sunny day. Continue Reading →

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Women’s Day: Annie Griffiths Speaks to Women of the Future

Due to recent events in politics, this year’s International Women’s Day came well-anticipated. Many people participated in supporting women-owned businesses specifically this March 8, while some went as far as to participate in the “A Day Without Women” protest in which students and employees refused to attend their places of work and education. St. Kate’s a school mostly for (and run by) women, celebrated such a day by inviting Annie Griffiths, a successful and influential photographer, to speak at the relevantly named Jean d’Arc auditorium. One of the first woman photographers for National Geographic Magazine, Griffiths has made the support and recognition of women around the world her focus since day one of her career. Continue Reading →

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The Life and Times of the Time Traveler: Gallery review at the MIA

For many Twin Cities natives, visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) is part of their upbringing. At least for me, it was. As a child, my favorite days were those where we would take a field trip to the MIA, or when I would beg my parents to bring me on the weekends. One aspect of it that leaves so many in awe is its wide variety of pieces in its collection. There are pieces I remember fondly from childhood: Dale Chihuly’s Sunburst chandelier that greets visitors as they walk in, for example. Continue Reading →

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