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La Reconnaissance: Practicing gratitude in a time of thanks

Gratitude; in French, it means “la reconnaissance,” which, in the words of Francine Conley, a French and TRW professor, “implies a kind of knowing, but knowing again.”

At this time of the year, it is easy to wish for things we are without. It is the uncomfortable time when the weather gets colder, classes slowly lead up to the dreaded finals, Thanksgiving does not seem to get any closer with the days rolling on-the list goes on. Being grateful is easy when we feel the world is wrapped around our fingers, but not so much when we feel like the world is wrapping around our throat, choking us with its constant reminders of suffering, mother nature, non-enjoyable tasks and the big paper we have been putting off. In college, one is almost pushed to want more; to want more for herself, to want more for her future, to want more out of classes, to want more food, to want more friends, etc. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. Continue Reading →

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What in the world is Antonian Scholars Honors?

With all the different programs and societies offered at St. Kate’s, it can be hard keeping track of everything that is going on. The Antonian Scholars Honors Program is such a program that is often heard mentioned around campus which many people know very little about. The Antonian Scholars Honors Program, celebrating its 30th birthday next year, has spent three decades molding students according to the objectives laid out in the student handbook found on the program’s website:

To attract and provide a challenge for women of outstanding academic ability. To provide an opportunity for these women to interact with each other and build an intellectually supportive community of peers, faculty, and staff. Continue Reading →

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Katies on feminism

Feminism is a controversial topic that can be viewed in many different ways. Since St. Kate’s is an all-women’s college, it is often assumed that it is a feminist school and that the students are feminists. However, there are a lot of people who do not define themselves as a feminist, either because of personal views or because of the stigma that comes with the word. Students at St. Continue Reading →

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Andrea Lee, IHM, to step down as St. Catherine University President

Andrea Lee, IHM, has announced plans to complete her 18-year tenure as president of St. Catherine University on July 1, 2016. During her presidency, St. Catherine’s celebrated its Centennial and solidified its identity as a vibrant, comprehensive Catholic university with a premier baccalaureate college for women at its heart and a clear focus on mission. In her letter to the university community Sister Andrea noted that, “While there is never a good time to leave a place I love, colleagues I deeply respect, and a mission that compels my enthusiastic commitment, I will leave next summer knowing that St. Continue Reading →

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The inside scoop on ‘Inside Out’

Over two hundred students flocked to the Rauenhorst Ballroom on Sept. 18 to go and see Pixar’s most recent release Inside Out on campus.  They came in part for the free popcorn and hot chocolate and stayed for the frequent moments of hilarity and heart string tugs. Inside Out is a movie about a girl, Riley, and her family who move from Minnesota to California, where she struggles with many complex emotions that come with growing up and leaving the place you’ve called home all of your life just to make home somewhere else. Inside Out was brought to campus by SEEK (Social Events and Experiences for Katies), formerly SKAT.  Ashleigh Ackley, SEEK’s Film Coordinator, said that this event attracted “one of the most diverse groups in attendance,” referring to the general make-up of the crowd. Continue Reading →

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Staff Editorial: Welcome from the Wheel

The Wheel news site patiently waited all summer for its staff to return. It missed brainstorming article ideas and hearing the story of the month, but, most of all, it missed the people who make the news happen: the St. Kate’s community. The site was ready for community members to click through its updated pages, meet new staff members and keep updated with the newsletter. Today, Sept. Continue Reading →

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Congress to make a decision about continuing Federal Perkins Loan


Congress has only until Sept. 30 to approve continuing the Federal Perkins Loan before the program officially expires. The Federal Perkins Loan is a student loan program funded by the U.S. government for students with exceptional need. The loan itself is unique in that it is campus-based; the University decides how much loan funds are awarded to individual students. A student can receive up to 5,500 dollars. Continue Reading →

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Dr. Deborah Wygal, retiring genetics professor, gains perspective through vision loss

When Dr. Deborah Wygal, Professor of Genetics in the St. Kate’s Biology Department, began her graduate studies in genetics at Brandeis University, she was unaware that her scientific passions would eventually converge with her personal health. However, at the age of 46, Wygal discovered that she had a genetic eye disease that would later be identified as Sorsby’s Fundus Dystrophy (SFD). This late-onset disease, which is characterized by gradual vision loss, has profoundly shaped her teaching career as a geneticist. Wygal began teaching at St. Continue Reading →

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