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Anti-Trump protestors shut down I-94, a photo journal

Protests are breaking out across the country, including right here in Minneapolis. On November 10, over 5,000 people showed up to protest the presidential elect, Donald Trump. This was a peaceful demonstration resulting from the anger this election has brought about. The protestors shut down I-94 in Minneapolis and no arrests were made. Each photo is captioned from lyrics of the song ‘Hand in Hand’ by Jayanthi Kyle. Continue Reading →

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Little Red Dress event for American Heart Association a success

The Little Red Dress event, put on by St. Kate’s Medical Interest Group in collaboration with Fashion Association, was held Saturday, Feb. 28 in the Coeur de Catherine Rauenhorst Ballroom. The event is a benefit for the American Heart Association and was held to raise awareness about the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, as well as provide suggestions for heart-healthy living. With hors d’oeurves, a photo booth, silent auction, fashion show and guest speaker, Mandy Bradley, the event was filled with friends, fun and fabulous fashion. Continue Reading →

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SKAT day brightener, shrinky dinks

On Thursday, Feb. 5, The St. Kate’s Activities Team (SKAT) hosted a day brightener event of making shrinky dinks in the second floor atrium of the Coeur de Catherine. One of the SKAT team members thought of the idea when remembering the types of craft she enjoyed growing up and decided to bring the idea to St. Kate’s. Shrinky Dinks are made out of “frosted,” non-toxic, lead-free paper that looks similar to plastic and shrinks tremendously in size after being baked in an oven for only a few minutes. Continue Reading →

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Solitude: A young woman and her dog

I spent the last week being a mom to the family dog, Nana. With my own mother out of town for the week, I became the care-taker of a very spoiled Siberian Husky, Norwegian Elkhound mix. Many of the days I only spoke to a few people and only went outside to take Nana on a walk. This became my self-declared week of solitude: an escape from the reality of the cities for a time of dog care and self care. While I had no events, no activities and no adventures to be a part of or attend, I took photos of the things around my parent’s home, the place I grew up and the place I eventually left to start my adventure at St. Kate’s. While I moved out and am living on my own, a week of solitude in my childhood home brought back memories and a special bond between the family dog, Nana – a bond that included kisses, treats and staring contests… Continue Reading →

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See you later, alligator: A visit to Florida

As I child, I dreamed of going to Disney World. I wanted to ride the spinning tea cups, see Snow White and Mary Poppins, and experience the fireworks at night above the castle. Last week, that dream came true, and I got to get into Disney World and the Epcot Center for free. Thanks to my parents–who bought tickets back in the ’80s and never used them–Disney World honored the tickets and let me in to the Magical Kingdom of cotton candy, Disney characters, rides, and fun for two days of magic. I could not have been happier experiencing Disney World but I was just as happy, if not more excited, to visit Gatorland. Continue Reading →

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Trip down memory lane: The Galapagos Islands

One year ago, I had the opportunity to study abroad for the month of January in Ecuador and on the Galapagos Islands. It was a trip of a lifetime; I got to enjoy local cuisine, hike near volcanoes, explore the Amazon, observe Sally Lightfoot crabs in their natural habitat by the ocean, see Blue footed boobies, observe Galapagos tortoises, watch a sea lion give birth in the wild, snorkel, and so much more. The course objective was to investigate Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which encompassed biology and philosophy in one packed month of learning. While my J-term thus far has been a winter wonderland with going back to my parent’s home in Iowa and visiting my grandparents in North Dakota, I was able to relive the warmth of the Islands through these photos. There’s a giant world out there waiting to be explored and I am slowly seeing more of it with my own eyes (and camera lens). Continue Reading →

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Sustainable Fashion Preview – Patternmaking II Class

On Thursday, December 18 students from the chair of the Apparel, Merchandising and Design department and professor Anupama Pasricha’s Patternmaking II class presented their hand dyed, Global Organic Textile certified line of five ensembles. Urban Oasis was the name of the line, with a spring-summertime look. Each student had their own task in making the five ensembles come together. With detail-oriented sketches and inspiration from Pinterest, the five ensembles came to life thanks to the students’ hard work this fall semester. The students’ task was to make fashion designs out of 40 yards of blank, white, organic, certified fabric by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Continue Reading →

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De-stress yourself

With finals week approaching, St. Kate’s gave back to the students with “De-Stress Fest”.  Providing students with many ways to cope with added stress come finals time, St. Kate’s students were able to unwind and relax with many activities and delicious treats. The fun started Wednesday evening with gingerbread house making, veggies and chicken wings, or a mini mani, pedi or facial in The Pulse or with therapy dogs, hot cocoa bar, ping-pong and fun crafts in the library. Continue Reading →

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Handcrafted Holidays

Thursday, December 4 in the 2nd floor Atrium of the Coeur de Catherine, St. Kate’s held Handcrafted Holidays. Handcrafted Holidays is St. Kate’s annual craft fair on campus for students, faculty, staff and alumnae to sell goods they have created. With an unique range of products from hair bows, earrings, lotions, wine bottles, scarves, baked goods, soaps and many more handcrafted items there was something for everyone. Continue Reading →

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Peaceful protestors fight with love at the School of Americas

A travel bus rolled down the cobble stone streets of St. Kate’s in the early morning of Nov. 21. Campus Minister Sam Kelly, and Katies Fatima Calderon ’15, Anagloria Quintanar ’15, Johannah Wyrick and I boarded. We began the 28 hour journey to Fort Benning, Georgia to protest the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or, as it is better known as, the School of Americas (SOA). Continue Reading →

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