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St. Kate’s students take part in Twin Cities Marathon


On Sunday October 1, according to MPR News about 7,500 runners took part in the 36th Twin Cities Marathon, while 10,000 others ran the 10-mile race. The marathon took place on Sunday and many runners went out to take part in not just the marathon but also the 10K or 5K being held. Some of these runners woke up early on Sunday and left St. Kates campus, while other St. Kate’s students went out early morning to volunteer. Continue Reading →

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There are better ways to stay healthy as a non-athlete college student


Statistically speaking, the most common New Year’s resolution is to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. Magazines are littered with articles telling us how to make the best weight loss smoothie with at least three ingredients you’ve never heard of and five you don’t have on hand, or what workout is going to earn you the posterior of a Kardashian. I, for one, have attempted to integrate some of these ‘hot tips’ in my lifestyle but, overwhelmingly, I have found them to be unrealistic. As far as I know, very few college students have the time or money to devote to weird dieting fads that may or may not (and, as the case stands, probably not) make you healthier. Nor do they have the dedication or self-directed humor to do the 15 minute “Build A Booty” celebrity workout which again, may or may not work the miracles it promises. Continue Reading →

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The Wildcat golf team

Last semester, our Wildcat golf team captured the attention of our campus and the other St.Paul colleges when they won the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). However, that is not their only accomplishment in the six short years they have been at St. Kate’s. According to our St. Kate’s athletic page, the golf team has won three tournaments and set over 15 school records. Continue Reading →

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The 12 days of an active Christmas

“On the first day of Christmas, it was frigid and cold.” In the past week, Mother Nature has been reminding us what winter is supposed to really feel like in Minnesota. And with the cold weather and Holiday sweets, it’s hard to be motivated to stay active and continue to eat well. “Based on studies, the majority of people tend to gain additional weight during the holiday season that starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends with the New Year celebrations, ” says Craig Wilson in his article, “Ways to Stay in Shape During Winter.”

How does one stay healthy and physically active in late-December to early February, especially if you don’t have access/money for the gym and have no desire to go outside? Below are the “12 Days of An Active Christmas,” some tips for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle in the dead of winter and the midst of the Holidays. On the first day of an active Christmas: Change your mindset

“I think sometimes people misinterpret working out as wanting to look a certain way physically, or something along those lines,” says Cami Paulson, Head Cross Country Coach and faculty member at SCU. Continue Reading →

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Getting to know the St. Kate’s hockey team from goalie Kristen Pechacek

What makes a team great? According to Kristen Pechacek, psychology and neuroscience ’18, it is working with your teammates and being great together. Pechacek is a crucial part of the hockey team at St. Kate’s and has been publicly recognized for her talent as a goalie on the team. During her sophomore season, Pechacek won first team All-MIAC and second team All-American honors. Continue Reading →

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Now a word from our Wildcat athletes!

It’s no secret that sports are linked to a healthy lifestyle. “By following a regular schedule of being physically active, individuals can benefit by improving their physical and emotional well-being,” said Cami Paulson, a Women’s fitness and wellness professor at St. Kate’s. Paulson is also the track and field coach. A healthy lifestyle is not just having a physical well-being, it includes being emotional and mentally healthly as well. Continue Reading →

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Behind the racket: Interview with national and international champion tennis player and alumna Jeanne Arth

Jeanne Arth, St. Kate’s alumna ’56, reminisces about her experience in playing the game of tennis, reflects on how it has altered into a money-centered entity and states her reasons for pursuing a career in education instead of continuing to play. She also touches on what St. Kate’s was like in her day, and what she may or may not have done differently if she was in school now. Why tennis? Continue Reading →

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