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St. Kate’s Activities Fair Hosts New and Returning Clubs


On September 21st, St. Catherine University held their 2017 Activities fair. The Activities fair is held annually for students who are interested in joining clubs or organizations, and gives established clubs an opportunity to recruit new members. The fair also gives students a chance to see the new clubs that have been formed on campus that year. The fair was held in the quad this year, which was a change of scenery from it usually being held in the CDC Ballroom the past two years (However, I am sure many students would have welcomed another year in the Ballroom considering the heat and wind that morning). Continue Reading →

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Understanding immigration and politics through the lens of an English major

The amount of talk recently about immigration in the United States has had one recurring thought on my mind: What does it mean? If you are not familiar or confused with politics, then look no further. I, too, am confused with the political conversations, and with President Trump in office, there is more opinion and bias surrounding his intentions involving his policies than the issues itself. The best way to learn about politics is to research and read articles on the topic. Avoid social media sites! Continue Reading →

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Katies discuss their impressions of the first presidential debate

On Tuesday, September 27, a large group of St. Kate’s students filled The Pulse to watch the first presidential debate of the election cycle. Students beforehand were unsure about how the the debate would play out. “I expect that he [Donald Trump] won’t talk policy,” said Vina Onvyango-Robasha, a Chemistry major, ’18. An hour before the start of the debate, Campus Ministry had two panelists talk to the audience about immigration and how it has affected their lives as both panelist were children of immigrants. Continue Reading →

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Living in a world where our beauty is defined by “likes” and “favorites”

Some of you may have heard that Australian Instagram star, Essena O’Neill, with half a million followers, officially quit all social media, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat last week, claiming that she no longer wants to live the life of the false persona she created using those sites. She deleted over 2,000 photos on her Instagram that she felt served no purpose other than promotion for products, mainly clothing, that she was paid to wear and advertise.  She also created a website that chronicles her new journey: letsbegamechangers.com. O’Neill chose to delete her accounts to say goodbye to the person she no longer knew or liked in order to begin with a new life, free of dependence on social media measured by likes and favorites.  She did it in order to show other young women in a society obsessed with beauty, weight, and perfection that what we see in photos on social media is not reality. Before deleting her Instagram account, she edited some captions on a few photos to show the reality behind snapping the perfect photo, revealing that a photo showing her in a bikini took more than 100 attempts “trying to make my stomach look good, while hardly having eaten anything that day.” Continue Reading →

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Katies break the Silence

Have you ever felt anxious about something but can’t explain why?  Have you ever had a roommate who would spend an abnormal amount of time in bed and you weren’t sure what to do?  Come to Cornbread and Chili Night: Break the Silence, sponsored by MIPS (Multicultural and International Programs and Services) and Active Minds, a group on campus devoted to ending the stigma that too often comes with mental illness. “[This Cornbread and Chili night is] a night designed around how to eliminate stigma [around mental illness] on campus,” said Leah Spillane ‘16, the Media Specialist for Active Minds and one of the people leading Break the Silence. The evening will feature a speaker from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as well as student speakers and representatives from on-campus associations such as Residence Life and the Counseling Center. Continue Reading →

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Second Annual Menchie’s Fun Run

Oct. 1st marked the second annual Menchie’s Fun Run. Last year was the first Menchie’s Fun Run, and there was overall positive feedback. This year about 80 students participated in the event, which is a little less than last year’s event were more than one hundred students attended. The reason behind the Menchie’s Fun Run is to further the relations between Menchie’s and St. Continue Reading →

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Meet the Wheel staff: Megan Bernard

Name: Megan Bernard

Position: Multimedia Journalist

Year: Senior

Major/minor: My majors are English and Communication Arts & Literature and I am minoring in Philosophy! Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (I ventured so far from home)

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Movie nights and the Women of Substance concert series at O’Shaughnessy Theater!  There are a lot of really neat people who attend. Most productive study spot: My desk in my apartment! Continue Reading →

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Meet the Wheel Staff: Jacy Yang

Name: Jacy Yang

Position: Abroad Columnist in South Korea

Year: Senior

Major/minor: Public Health and Women and International Development

Hometown: Duluth/St. Paul

Favorite St. Kate’s event: Dew Drop Bop! Most productive study spot: The cafeteria

Favorite store near campus: Cahoots Coffee Bar

Most visited internet site: Youtube.com

Best place to take a homework break: The gym! Jacy can be reached at jyang3@stkate.edu Continue Reading →

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