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Senate Charters New Yoga Club

The St. Catherine University Student Senate met on October 31st and chartered a new club despite some members worries of cultural appropriation and exclusivity.  

Student Senate met in the Rauenhorst Ballroom on the second floor of the Couer de Catherine (CDC) to discuss student worries and go over Senate plans. During this meeting Cassidy Hanson and Mikaela Kauma presented their new club, The Yoga and Meditation Organization, for Senate consideration. They presented the club as a place for students to destress from exams and classes, and to spread kindness while teaching students yoga and meditation practices. Continue Reading →

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Opinion: St. Kate’s Parking Expansion Plan isn’t the Best Solution

On October 31st, the student body at St. Catherine’s University received an email from Mark Johnson stating that there is going to be an expansion to our parking on campus in the future. This was great news considering how our difficult parking situation affects so many people. Parking on campus can be a struggle for students, faculty and staff, and guests. St. Continue Reading →

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University students studying abroad find solace in their professors



When students arrive in their host country, the professor to student relationship can be radically different from how it is in the United States. In the case of Chile, many students have observed a certain closeness they find with their professors that they didn’t have before. Some professors even invite their students over for dinner, to expand the cultural experience they’re having outside of the classroom. One such professor is Dr. Sonia Toledo Azócar, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) international program director. She gave me some insight into how she interacts with the many foreign students that have passed through her office over the years. Continue Reading →

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Celebrating 35 years; MIAC membership and the rise of St. Kate’s athletics

The Wildcats soccer team took home a victory from the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (MIAC) Playoffs on Nov. 4 and will move on to represent St. Kate’s at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament for the first time. The MIAC victory is also a first for St. Kate’s since becoming a member in 1982.  

It might be difficult for some St. Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Study abroad programs should aim to get students from the U.S. out of their own bubble

The spring semester here in Chile is nearing a close, and many of my foreign friends will be leaving in about a month to return to their home universities. They have traveled throughout many parts of Chile, ate local food and gone out partying. They’ve done many of the essential things you have to do before leaving Chile, but many of them will leave without having a single Chilean friend. It seems logical that we would make many local friends here, but the natural instinct is to stick in groups of people that are similar to you.  

The university I go to in Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) is very well known and respected, and has a large population of exchange students from around the world that come to learn Spanish. Continue Reading →

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Past and Upcoming Art Exhibits at the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery



The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery hosted two exhibits from September 9th through October 20th. The exhibits on display were “Like a Girl” by Lizzie Wortham and “Vinyasa: Connecting Global Textiles and Sustainable Design” by Anupama Pasricha. Both of the above-mentioned artists were also able to come to the Gallery for open questions with interested viewers. Wortham came to the Gallery on September 13th and Pasricha arrived on October 13th. These Q&A’s give art enthusiasts the opportunity to talk directly about the artists’ work and their artistic process. Continue Reading →

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Building hope and resistance in local government

What role do LGBTQ people play in politics when, according to The New York Post, President Trump was rumored to say Vice President Mike Pence, “…wants to hang them all!” Seeking to respond to this question, People Respecting Identity Differences for Equality (PRIDE) sponsored the Oct. 18 event “Queer in Politics”. PRIDE hosted local politician Erica Mauter, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership ’14, for a question-and-answer session. Attending students, mostly LGBTQ-identified and students of color, enjoyed the event. These students, often politically active, or at least savvy, can feel parched to see someone who looks like them living out their goals. Mauter’s platform and advice closely reflected the progressive politics of many left-leaning Katies. Continue Reading →

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Concussion Rates Increase Among Female Athletes

In today’s media, when we hear about concussions and their significance we are almost always discussing their relationship to male football players. What we very rarely see, is information regarding the high rates of concussions in female athletes. Particularity the high concussion rates in female soccer, basketball, and softball players.  

In order to more fully understand why this phenomenon occurs it is important that we have a clear definition of what a concussion is. According to the National Athletic Training Association (NATA), “A concussion is a clinical syndrome characterized by immediate and transient impairment of neural functions, such as alteration of consciousness, disturbance of vision, equilibrium, etc., due to mechanical forces.” This is significant to soccer and basketball players because of the recurrent actions that put their head and neck at risk. Continue Reading →

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St. Kate’s Supports DACA Students by Hosting Rally



On Thursday, October 5th, St. Catherine University Senate hosted their Defend DACA Rally on the steps of the O’Shaughnessy. In attendance were students, staff, Sisters of St. Joseph and President Roloff. The rally focused on bringing together the student body to support students and their families that are affected by the ending of the DACA program by President Trump. Continue Reading →

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St. Kate’s students gain global, historical perspectives on Campus Ministry trip to Peru

On January 13, ten students and two Campus Ministry staff members flew to Lima, Peru for a social justice immersion trip. Leaving the frozen Minnesota tundra for warm, sunny Peru may sound like a vacation for many, but this group did not waste any time lounging. They stayed in four different cities over 17 days where they explored diversity, joined in social justice work with the Sisters of St. Joseph and learned about the impacts of history on society and culture. Sam Kelly, Campus Minister for Social Justice, said, “We had a lot of goals for this trip but the main purpose was to connect the social justice issues students saw in Peru to their faith lives.  We wanted to help students think about social justice and faith in a different way, by bringing them to a different place and exposing them to justice issues that were different but have similarities to justice issues in the United States.”

The first city they visited was Lima, Peru’s capital, where they spent four days with the CSJ’s, who live and work in an area of Lima called Canto Chico. Continue Reading →

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